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    Nature Walker's Scimitar

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    The druid epic weapon from EverQuest.

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    Epic Weapons

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    Simultaneous with the discovery of Kunark, several adventurers began to speak of fabled weapons of unfathomable power. They told tales of marathon quests that yeilded these weapons to members of each class from Bards to Warriors. These quests would each span the world and often into the planes of the gods. Some tasks could be completed alone, but many would require a small army of commrades to complete. Each class' weapon is easy to spot, not just for their unique design, but because of the particle effects eminating from the weapon. Through the hard work of many pioneers, each class' epic weapon was discovered, some easier than others.

    The Nature Walker's Scimitar

    The Nature Walker's Scimitar boosts a druid's strength, stamina, wisdom, health, and mana significantly. The sword is also infused with the ability to cast a spell known as Wrath of Nature, which will decrease an enemy's health over time and lower their resistance to magic. The scimitar is eternally surrounded by a whirlwind of mystical green leafs, making any druid with this epic weapon easy to identify.

    The Epic Quest

    The Burning Wood
    The Burning Wood

    The druid epic quest begins with a Wood Elf named Telin Darkforest in the Burning Wood. He speaks of an unknown menace that has caused many of the world's beasts to turn on those who protect them; druids and rangers. Suggesting that Innoruuk, the Prince of Hate, has something to do with it causes Telin to request the delivery of a note to Faelin Bloodbriar, but offers no help as to where one can find this wanderer. She is most often roaming the northern reaches of the Greater Faydark. Upon reading the note, she inexplicably mentions a Dark Elf who can help, then makes it known that she should never be bothered again. She gives a ring to show to this Dark Elf, Giz X`Tin, as proof of her involvement.

    In Kithicor Forest, Giz exchanges the ring for a special coin, which he explains as a debt he owes Faelin. He confirms Innoruuk's involvement, but attacks rather than offering to reveal Innoruuk's plans himself. Through battle or escape, the coin should be returned safely to Telin. He inspects the coin, gives it back, and advises to show it to Arch Druid Althele in East Karana. She trades an amulet for the coin and mentions Telin had sent word already. The amulet must be shown to Sionae, Nuien, and Teloa who are not far from Althele. The four come together for a gathering, but it is interrupted by a Dark Elf corruptor and two revenants. One must, likely with the help of friends, defend the group of druids and defeat the corruptor. A tome found on the corruptor reveals more of Innoruuk's treachery to Althele. She passes a note that must be delivered to Ella Foodcrafter, a Halfling druid that has devoted her life to cooking and delivering food to the deputies in Misty Thicket. Upon receiving the note, she presents two tasks.

    Misty Thicket
    Misty Thicket

    The first requires her shiny tin bowl to gather the ingredients for a mixture that focuses the mind of a forest walker. The second involves finding an ancient bowl that strengthens the food made within it. The mixture is comprised of items foraged throughout Norrath. Included among these are chilled tundra root from Everfrost Peaks, sweetened mudroot from Misty Thicket, speckled molded mushroom from Innothule Swamp, and ripened heartfruit from Greater Faydark. Combining them in the tin bowl will create a hardened mixture. For the ancient bowl, one must visit Alrik Farsight, a High Elf who researches the artifacts found in the Timorous Deep. He has the recipe for such a bowl, but requires help before willingly relinquishing it. He asks that some ancient pottery found here be delivered to the wizard guild of Felwithe, for they are funding his research. Farios Elianos is the High Elf Alrik refers to, and Farios is quite rude. After insulting and berating the efforts of Alrik and his messenger, he commands his groceries be brought to him at once. Doing so will at least get a receipt from him, which will be proof enough for Alrik to offer the ancient bowl pattern. Parts of the recipe are missing, but is not too difficult to decipher. It requires enchanted clay, which can be obtained from Kinlo Strongarm in Kaladim in return for a jade reaver. These colored axes can be found only on the reavers of the City of Mist, which will require the help of several friends.

    After Kinlo trades the enchanted clay for the axe, platinum speckled powder is the next ingredient. Merdan Fleetfoot is a lovestruck ranger in Surefall Glade with absolutely no idea how to impress his lady friend. Foraging a rose in Firiona Vie would be the perfect thing. In return, he offers a painting of his love. Niera Farbreeze, the one Merdan obsesses over, can be found nearby humming a song. She says the song was taught to her by her mother and explains that she has a small bag full of platinum speckled powder around her neck to remind her of her mother's amulet. The amulet can be found on a wandering skeleton in Frontier Mountains, and returning the amulet to her will earn the powder for the bowl. Combining the pattern, powder, and clay in a pottery wheel creates a runecrested bowl, which allows Ella to create what she calls Nature's Gem, a softly glowing stone of immense power. Her only advice is to seek ones such as yourself.

    Venril Sathir's remains
    Venril Sathir's remains

    Foloal Stormforest is a druid in Firiona Vie who carries the answers a fellow druid seeks. She speaks of an alliance between Innoruuk and the lich king of Karnor's Castle, Venril Sathir. Many adventurers seek to defeat, but he always returns even after death. Before returning to full power, the remains of Venril Sathir can be found near his lair. Summoning a firefly globe and offering it to these remains will result in the ghost of Sathir coalescing. Offering the ghost a spell scroll for the cleric spell of resurrection will cause Venril Sathir to rise to his former power, giving a druid and his comrades the opportunity to rid Kunark of the ancient emperor once and for all. Upon defeat, a pulsing green stone can be found on his corpse. Giving both this stone and Ella's stone to Foloal will result in her combining them into a warmly glowing stone symbolizing nature's balance.

    Ella will exchange this stone for her elaborate scimitar. She speaks of the horrifying collaboration of Innoruuk and the Plaguebringer, Bertoxxulous, and informs of the corruption of the continents of Antonica, Faydwer, and Kunark that must be stopped.

    On Faydwer, a pained unicorn in Lesser Faydark speaks of a corrupted brownie nearby, a corrupted cyclops in the Ocean of Tears, and a corrupted seahorse in Kedge Keep. When these three enemies fall, proof of their deaths should be given to the pained unicorn. In return, the unicorn offers a gleaming unicorn horn, which can be used to kill Silox Azrix, a Gnome worshiper of Bertoxxulous who is the root of the evil spreading in Faydwer.

    A withered treant in North Karana will tell tales of a corrupted mammoth in Everfrost Peaks, a corrupted shaman in Lake Rathetear, and a corrupted hill giant in Rathe Mountains. Returning to the treant after their deaths will earn warm pulsing treant heart, which if given to Yeka Ias, a Human in South Karana, it will cause him to convulse and melt into the ground, effectively ending the threat of corruption on this continent.

    Ulump Pujluk is a froglok in the Swamp of No Hope who requests that you kill him in order to keep him from hurting the continent. He claims an evil gnome near the coast has already begun inflicting a plague upon the lands that have affect Ulump. The three corrupted enemies here in Kunark are a gorilla in the Emerald Jungle, a barracuda in the Lake of Ill Omen, and the ancient seamonster Faydedar. A dwarf by the name of Dolgin Codslayer finds rest on paradise island in the Timorous Deep. He speaks of the legend of Faydedar and has actually tracked the monster here. He says that one could lure the monster out of hiding with froglok bait, which would be the essence that was obtained from Ulump's death. One would need a small army to defeat this legendary beast. Upon his death, a pod of seawater can be found on his corpse. Taking this along with the items from each of the corrupted found on Kunark to a Gnome in The Overthere named Nekexin Virulence will put an end to the corruption of Kunark.

    The cleansed spirits of each continent, along with the scimitar from Ella, can be offered to Xanuusus in North Karana. Xanuusus is one of the oldest treants in the known world. He will meld the spirits with the blade creating the Nature Walker's Scimitar.


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