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Stuffy Assassin 0

The original Naughty Bear game had an interesting concept. Ignored and cast-ed out from your fellow bears, you controlled Naughty as he set out punish others using various tools and traps similar to Manhunt or Hitman. While it was critically received as an interesting but poorly executed title, I find myself enjoying the title. I agreed that the $50 price point was too much and many felt it would be better suited as an downloadable title, which Panic in Paradise is.Although this game is download...

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A Naughty Sequel 0

In a world where it is unlikely that I'll ever have the joy of playing Shenmue 3, another proper installment of Banjo Kazooie and had to wait so long for the confirmation of Beyond Good and Evil 2 it seem very unfair that a game like Naughty Bear has been given a sequel.2010's Naughty Bear was a game that had a few good ideas but squandered them in a game that suffered poor design choices, repetitive gameplay and lack of proper testing which resulted in a buggy mess. So the big question is this:...

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