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Naughty and Nice 9

You don't see games like Naughty Bear anymore. It's a points based action hack'n'slash game that doesn't take itself too seriously. You play as Naughty, a pissed off bear who's out for revenge and most importantly for a highscore on the online leaderboards. The game uses different gameplay elements that aren't all that great and in the end form a mixed bag of ideas that seemed great on paper but fail to reach their true potential.  The story in Naughty Bear is inexistant. The game takes place on...

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Naughty Bear- Have "Some" Fun with It 0

Naughty Bear - Xbox 360 Naughty Bear is a third person teddy bear murdering action game released on June 29 from 505 Games for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. After months of waiting, I finally got out hands on it. Among dozens of trailers no one really got to see any gameplay leading up to the release date. I now know why. The premise of the entire game is just being “naughty.” You take control of a bear named Naughty (surprise) and he’s completely pissed that the other bears are always making fun ...

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Naughty Bear: The Verdict/Defluffyficasion 3

IntroductionFor those of you who do not know what naughty bear is, its a Action/Hack 'n' Slash game that sees you of taking the role of the titular protagonist "Naughty Bear" and your purpose in life is to make the other teddy bears of Perfection Island a living hell and you hate them so much you just have to make then turn insane by constantly scaring them or by killing them with different weapons (each come in 2 main types melee and range but more on them later) and then environment (cake mix...

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A Naughty Game 0

Naughty Bear is one of those games that could sell itself on the concept alone. An insane sociopathic teddy bear goes on a murderous spree against other teddy bears after being wronged somehow. Usually the other bears don't come across as any more likeable as our player character so it’s okay to brutally murder them all.   You play as Naughty the anti-social and psychotic bear aforementioned. In each of the seven levels some character manages to upset Naughty whether this is by not inviting h...

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Cool Concept... Thats it. 0

Naughty Bear tries to shock and amaze people with its cute, but psychotic behavior. The game has elements that remind me of Manhunt. This could have been a fun game, but the mechanics do not work well.   The Good: Great idea. You play a Jason like character that gets teased by the other Good looking bears. You are given many different ways to terrorize and even brutally murder the inhabitants of the island.   The Bad: Camera control will have you wanting to pull the game out and brutally murder ...

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Shouldn't be a retail release 2

Naughty bear is a game which appeared more or less out of nowhere a few months ago with humorous trailers which promised teddy bear massacre.  The game delivers and it delivers with lots of fun, you have numerous ways to kill and maim your fellow teddies, several different game types to add replay value to each level. The game is a lot of fun, or rather it would be for an arcade game, as a full retail release at retail price it's clearly overpriced and lacking value, the levels are all very with...

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Unleash the Naughtiness Within 0

 Enough is Enough, Naughty Bear! They laughed at you, played pranks on you, and even insulted your good gestures when you attempted to do a good deed. You should make the residents of pay for the things they did to you. Pick up your weapons, step outside, and tear them apart!   He's Gonna Regret that... Naughty Bear is an third person action game that feels very similar to Manhunt and even Hitman, as you will stalk and kill your enemies while completing short objectives to advance to the next...

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It's meh 0

Ughh, ok I bought this game while drunk...yes not a good start, when I put the game in for the first time, I was still drunk. I sat there with a couple of mates and thought "this is the best game ever" and it was histerical. The next morning, I woke up and started to carry on playing, needless to say I was not impressed. I found myself pausing the game, staring at it and thinking "what have I bought" For the first few hours I hated it and was ready to sell it, however my friend came over again a...

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Naughty Bear Review 0

By - Craig H.I am not ashamed to say that Naughty Bear has been on my radar ever since the teddy bear massacre concept was first announced. Dreams of a Manhunt style game with lovable teddy bears was a very intriguing idea. But does Naughty Bear deliver on this twisted story like one hoped?In Naughty Bear you play as a bear named “Naughty” who was not invited to another bear, Daddles, birthday party. You still want to be his friend and decide to surprise him with a birthday present anyway. But, ...

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