The next undcharted a kart racing game?

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Naughty Dog's previous series have both followed this pattern;
Crash Bandicoot did it and then was sold
Jak and Daxter did it and then was forgotten about
Uncharted is about to debut it's third installment, I'm wondering if it might meet a similar end? I'm not sure which is more sad, regarding their previous work as I would both Love a new Jak and Daxter game, and cringe everytime I see Crash now.
Personally, I'm hoping for a Diddy Kong Racing type of affair, with Nate and Crew all flying comicly sized biplanes but expecting a stand-alone release of the Uncharted multiplayer on PSN as their cop-out fourth.

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I'd prefer jet ski racing up rapids like in Uncharted 1 instead of a kart racer.

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I'd play it. Naughty Dog is good with putting stories even in their story based games.

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