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Originating from the planet Glee Anselm, this species is at home in very damp, humid environments - on land, and underwater. With their large black or brown beady eyes, they can see very well in dark waters or other such areas. When on their home planet, they use their head-tresses to determine the emotions of other Nautolans through pheromone changes, as well as simple aesthetic movement. Because their head-tresses are naturally somewhat heavy, these emotions are best reflected underwater. Their native tongue is hardly ever heard outside of their homeworld, due to its reception being muddled when out of water.

Notable Nautolans

Nautolans are much less prominent in comparison with other races, such as Twi'leks or Mandalorians, but they have still made a significant impact on the history of Star Wars.

Kit Fisto

The most famous Nautolan to date. He aided the Jedi Council in the Separatist Invasion, and fought Darth Sidious alongside Mace Windu. Darth Sidious slew Kit with a horizontal strike to his abdomen. 

Eison Gynt

This young Nautolan was an exceptionally gifted Jedi. He was considered the best of his time. His Jedi Master was to be his undoing.
Barel Ovair was Eison Gynt's Jedi master. He and Eison were on a mission from the Jedi Order to destroy any remnants of dark-side powers from Naga Sadow's tomb on Yavin IV. Ovair was the only one aware of his own malicious intentions. He planned to destroy Naga Sadow's remaining spirit
Eison Gynt battles Massassi Sith  Warriors with Barel Ovair
Eison Gynt battles Massassi Sith Warriors with Barel Ovair
under orders by the current Sith Lord.
The former Sith-Lord, Naga Sadow's spirit was too much of a threat to the current dark lord's power, so he had contracted his Sith spy, Barel Ovair to eliminate it. Accompanying Barel Ovair under false pretenses, Eison Gynt was taken to Yavin IV, where the two Jedi were attacked by numerous Massassi warriors. Barel Ovair was forced to retreat, while Gynt was pushed deep within the temple.

Ovair was left completely bewildered by what had happened, and upon escaping, realized that Eison Gynt was nowhere to be found.
 Eison Gynt, donning Massassi Warrior robes, possessed by Naga Sadow
 Eison Gynt, donning Massassi Warrior robes, possessed by Naga Sadow

Ovair reported to the Galactic Senate that Gynt had been slain. Eison Gynt had not been slain, though, and was in-fact being influenced by the former Dark Lord Naga Sadow's spirit. Naga Sadow knew of Ovair's lineage of Sith spies, and knew that Ovair planned to eliminate Sadow in hopes of securing his Dark Lord's position. To counter Ovair's attempted assassination, he took control of Eison Gynt, convincing him to seek retribution on Ovair for abandoning him.

It wasn't until several years after the Yavin IV mission that Eison finally reappeared. Possessed by Sadow, he sought out Ovair on Coruscant and attacked him in the street. Even with Sadow's dark-side advantages, Eison Gynt was slain by Ovair. It wasn't until over a century later that Jedi historian Gnost-Dural discovered what Ovair's 
intentions truly were, and that his father and grandfather also served as Sith spies.
Eison    Gynt attacks Barel Ovair
Eison Gynt attacks Barel Ovair



These Aren't Twi'leks?

The Nautolans are often confused with Twi'leks, having similar head-tails. Their main difference from Twi'leks is their increased amount of head-tails (typically seven to fourteen), and large beady eyes. Their skin-tones are also much less diverse than Twi'leks, being closer to green or brown.

These Aren't Drell?

Drell are a species from the Mass Effect universe. They have similar eyes and skin colors to the Nautolans. Their similarities are among the many that creatures from Mass Effect share with creatures from Star Wars. Reasons for this could be because of Bioware's past involvement in developing Star Wars-based video games, as well as possibly just having an admiration for the Star Wars universe.

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