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    Navigator Pressly

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    Executive Officer Pressly assumes the role as the navigator of the SSV Normandy. His grandfather was a veteran of "The First Contact War" resulting in his xenophobic nature, particularly toward the Tuarians. His role is of an NPC character.

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    Navigator Pressly is a navigational crew supervisor who serves as the navigator and the XO aboard the Normandy SR1 in Mass Effect 1.

    Talking to Pressly will reveal throughout the game that he is of some uncertainty about his feelings towards the alien crew members of the ship. He is aware that his family has had previous encounters with the Turians which were not on pleasant terms.

    It is possible to affect his view on the members of the team, though in the first game, he never does really show the gratitude of his alien colleagues as much as is shown in Mass Effect 2.

    His relationship with the Normandy's alien crew members is further examined in the recovered personal journal at the Normandy crash site (for those possessing the necessary DLC).

    crew members of alien nature is more detailed in his personal journal found in the Normandy Crash Pack DLC. Shepard's influence on whether humanity has anything to fear from it's alien neighbours is reflected in his entries. If Shepard told him that not all aliens are enemies, Pressly's final entry reflects his appreciation for all members of the crew, that his previous opinions on the wisdom of allowing aliens on board the Normandy were born out of ignorance, and that if he had to, he would be willing to give his life for any member of his crew no matter what planet they were born on.

    In Mass Effect 2, the Normandy SR1 is attacked and eventually destroyed by the Collector ship. Pressly is one of the fatalities, killed by the explosive impact of a direct hit from the Collector vessel.


    • Pressly is xenophobic, but not necessarily racist. He fears the real intentions of the aliens on the Normandy are actually more sinister.
    • His family's involvement in the First Contact War has had significant influence over his opinions on other races, both friendly and hostile.
    • He is an NPC in the first game, he loses his life at the hands of the Collectors at the beginning of Mass Effect 2.

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