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Formed in 1988, Naxat Soft's name is a reference to Taxan, another brand owned by its parent company. They were particularly active on the Famicom and PC Engine in their early years, developing and publishing a host of games and ports. They continued to develop into the late 2000s, but failed to make much of an impact past the 16-bit era.

Starting in 1998, the company started undergoing something of an identity crisis, going through several names and mergers throughout their parent company. Their last form, Kaga Create, was formed in 2007.

The company was dissolved by its parent as of December 31, 2015.

Summer Carnival

In the early 1990s, Naxat attempted to take on Hudson Soft at their own game, setting up their own Summer Carnival public events to compete with the other company's Caravan Festivals. These events weren't as successful, however, and it only lasted three years.

List of Summer Carnival Competition Games


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