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10 Years of Basketball Greatness

NBA 2K10 doesn't drastically change their popular gameplay and modes from previous entries. What it does is add minor refinements in realism with increased animations on the court, commentary tweaks for a smoother style (and anecdotes), along with what appear to be more realistic tendencies thanks to a 2nd year of their partnership with 82games.com. 
The direct link between prolonged turbo usage and loss of stamina that debuted in NBA 2K10: Draft Combine makes a big difference, shifting the focus a bit from blazing down the court to more controlled bursts. Aside from that, you still have the addictive court basics that have carried through every 2K hoops entry on this console generation.
The Collector's Edition is pretty cool, a giant game locker (with actual padlock)   along with a poster, mini figure of the Black Mamba himself, access to an in-game VIP room and a bonus disc celebrating the 10th entry of 2K Sports and virtual hoops. 
It's early and I haven't dug deeply into all of the modes yet, but I feel confident in stating that every virtual roundball player will love this game.

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