Possible to import classic teams into season/franchise mode?

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In last year's game I had a blast importing the classic teams into my season mode, etc.

Is this still an option for this years game?

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Ok here is what you have to do and it sucks. You unlock the old teams but you can't trade or assign the legend players which sucks. When you are a franchise mode you can restructure the teams, so you can take out say the current Bulls and swap em with the 1996 bulls if you want. The problem is you lose all the players that were on the current bulls team like Derick Rose. What i did which sucked is take every good player from every current team and drop them to the free agent list. Then i started up the Franchise and swapped out all the current teams for the Classic ones and set it to fantasy draft that way i got all the Classic players and the new players in the League. It is a pain in the ass but is the only work around i could find, hope this helps.

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Sounds good!

Thanks for the info. My plan was to take a lot of the 90's classic teams and substitute them in for their current day counterparts. I was a HUGE fan of the Bulls back in 90's, so I was psyched about playing as them again.

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