Does mycareer/myplayer make NBA2k a SRPG(Sports RPG)?

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I have been wondering if the myplayer part of NBA2K make it a Sport Role Playing game? You collect XP after each game that you then use to upgrade your character. Anyone with me on this?

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#2 Posted by BBAlpert (2542 posts) -

I don't know, but now I'm thinking about how cool it could be to have a full on turn based, strategic sports RPG. In other words, Blood Bowl for other sports.

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Yep. Statistics meant to represent action demarcate the video game RPG. There's progression as well.

They're technically action RPGs because you need to operate the controller in an active manner, and it involves statistical interactions. The various dice rolls and RNG that happens as the game compares stats and values as your quarterback throws the ball downfield while running outside the pocket, factoring in weather, defensive coverage, the receiver's ability; it's no different than the stats under an RPG as your knight rolls to slash a dragon with his longsword.

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I would agree.  Which means they should have more then one voice to choose from.  The guy sounds like he just woke up with nasal drainage. 

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Thanks everyone!! I knew I wasn't the only one!!

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