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Anyone here playing MyCAREER? Tell us how it's going.

For me, I have a 6'6" All-around SG, Jimmy Hendrix, that went #5 overall to the Sacramento Kings. Wasn't too sure about it since they have Tyreke Evans, but they've been playing him a lot at SF. 5 games in I got a contract offer from both NIKE and Jordan, chose to go with NIKE. I'm 7 games in now and just got promoted to starter at the 2, which is as much a measure of our lack of depth as it is my player's ability. We're 7-0 thanks especially to a match against the Lakers where both Kobe and Nash were out with injury. Schedule is getting tougher though, so we'll see how long this miracle run can last!

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I'm terrible at it, but I love it. More so than ever, it forces me to improve and learn the sport beyond "block and shoot". I'm in my third year and still not a starter, never getting my teammate grade past B-, but I am noticing my performance getting slightly better as I go. I just need to break my habit of setting myself up for fastbreaks instead of going for rebounds (as the in-game Twitter helpfully chastises me for).

It is funny to see my character get magazine covers, interviews, camera focus and endorsements when he'd be a faceless benchwarmer in real life, and he'd certainly not be playing for the Lakers, haha.

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I created a 6'5" scoring PG named Zach Overton who was selected 6th overall by the Portland Trailblazers. Who also drafted Lillard at PG with their 11th overall pick who they started for the first 4 games, games we lost. I also got the start on my fifth game and we went on a 12 game winning streak. Currently sitting at 14-6. I chose the Jordan brand when prompted with the choice after the fifth game. Currently averaging 16.2 PPG, 2.4 RBP, 8.9 APG and 2.1 SPG. I also get played at the SG spot a lot during the games rotations. Which is when I get most of my scoring in. I tend to look at setting others up first when playing point. Current bad news for my team is Aldridge just got a high ankle strain in the last game, and will be sitting out for a week or more. He has been leading the team with 22.4PPG and 12.3RPG.

I really like the ability to talk to the GM. I had a site down and told him I really like a player on the bench, that I thought he deserved more minutes because he could really help the team. Sure enough next game dude moved up from 11th spot only getting 4 minutes a game to the 9th spot getting 9 minutes a game. That is pretty cool. I also feed him easy shots every time he was on the floor and he ended up having a monster game. They increased his minutes even more and is now 7th on the roster pulling in 14 minutes a game. Adding this feature in is really cool. I am tempted to try the I don't get along with this player option to see if the trade them away or something.

I also just got my team mate chemistry to 75% which I have never gotten it that high before in past years. It usually hits 71 or 72 and just stays there. Also my fan base is currently at 380K-ish and I have a few stars and vets following me.

How are you in your third year already? are you only playing Key Games?

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@oulzac said:

How are you in your third year already? are you only playing Key Games?

Yeah. Is that bad? I've always simmed normal matches in sports games, and I don't know if I'm missing out on anything by doing so.

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It is not bad per say. But your player is not developing at the rate he should be to get good. This is why you are still a bench warmer in the third year. The only way to get enough VC to boost your stats to get good is to play more games. Only playing key games will not get you that much. I am not saying its a wrong way to play. Just that if you want to increase your players ability to make him better you will need to play more games. The better his stats the better the stats you can put on the court with him.Or the easier it is I should say.

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@oulzac: Ohhh, okay, I figured it would sim that stuff as well.

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@ShaggE: You only get credit for milestones in sims. You don't get credit for the individual game performance. So if it sims 15 games on the way to the next key game and your guy scores 100 points, you get the 30VC for the milestone. But you would lose like 1500VC (if you earned a 100 per game) for game performance.

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@oulzac: Yep, that makes sense. When I make my next character, I'll try to play more regular games. I never even thought about the post-game credits, haha. No wonder I can barely afford upgrades.

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Yeah heh, what I prefer to do is to play every game for most of the first season until I get my guys stats higher. Then when I'm able to score more easily and get some assists and rebounds, I'll start playing key games. Usually when I'm about an 80+ overall. My first season is all about making my guy a beast, then the successive ones are about getting the hall of fame reqs.

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I actually played MyPlayer more than actual games last year (mainly because the Hornets sucked and it made me hate playing with them) and the same has happened this year. The only problem I have with it is that the amount of VC that I'm shown to have gotten at the end of the game doesn't always show up when I get back to the MyCareer menu. I don't know if that's a glitch or if I'm just missing something.

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Hmm, sounds like a glitch. As I understand it, VC is supposed to carry over from all game modes.

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I've been having an issue in mycareer about the playcalling not happening for playvision (I play a SF/PF) I have made sure the settings are on in every menu that it should call plays and full playvision. Anyone else having this happen?

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@Meteor_VII: I play a PG, and I almost never see a play called. Also, have you found that the playvision setting doesn't get saved? It never saves when I turn it on.

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@Chaser324: Yes I have noticed that just now. Got home and started my next game and It would display the pick and roll stuff but when I went out to the main menu it turned off my settings. So I have re-turned on the play calling. Probably won't help but posting as I am getting back into career. 
Yep still broken. Only time I get any kind of playvision is on inbounds passing 

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