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Still Best Game of the Year

Do you really need a review? It's the usual good game from 2K. There's little special about it.

Except they fucked up the controls. No more shot stick. You have to use a bumper AND the stick to shoot because the shot stick is now used to do dribble moves.


I don't give a damn about the dribble moves. Make one use the bumper for those things? Let the shot simply be fired by flicking the stick. Infinitely better system and it worries me, a bit, that they might be trying to add more complexity to a system that worked best due to its simplicity.

The use of the legendary teams was nice largely because it allowed me to have 3 Michael Jordans on my team (we won all of our games and played really well, thank you). Otherwise, it was nice but not something I found earth-shattering.

My Player returns yet again. I still don't love it. I wish they wouldn't go nuts for it as they do, but 2K seems to think it's some cool stuff and, based on sales, they seem to have an argument for their beliefs.

Sports games are difficult to review. Either they work or they don't. This is a perfectly acceptable game and the best sports game on the market for another year.

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