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Set the nets ablaze! 2

It’s no secret that classic video game franchises have been riding a wave of rejuvenation recently. NBA Jam is the latest classic to be revitalized with the jump to current generation consoles. EA has taken over the NBA Jam name at this point, but you probably wouldn’t be able to notice a change just by playing the game. NBA Jam achieves the same spirit and unrelenting excitement of the original games, but not without a few hiccups along the way.  I dig the game's style!  There’s no getting ...

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An XBLA Game for $50 0

Fresh off the Wii, EA is bringing NBA Jam to the two upper end consoles. So, after a long hiatus, does this arcade basketball game satisfy your arcade hoops boner?Truth be game was initially planned as an XBLA release to go along with the retail release of NBA Elite. When Elite got cancelled, they decided to switch it up and make this a full retail product. The main problem, though, is that they didn't really add anything to the game. It is the same NBA Jam you played year...

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Sh** Done Changed 0

The original NBA Jam, the Seattle Supersonics, and playing basketball are some of my fondest memories as a child.  If I wasn't watching the Sonics or shooting hoops in the front yard, I was  hoping that whatever place my parents dragged me to had an NBA Jam cabinet.  My folks made a home under a few guidelines, one of them being no video games.  At the time they said it was because I had a little bit of a mean streak in me, maybe they were on to something.  NBA Jam had that ability to awaken the...

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Perfect revamp 0

For anyone who enjoyed the original, stop reading now and buy this. I played NBA Jam on Sega Genesis constantly when I was a kid, so hearing that they were going to release a reboot made me feel both excited and nervous.  After playing one classic game after I picked this up on the Xbox, it was clear that there was some serious attention put into this game to make it appeal to gamers like me who adored the original. I would never purchase a regular basketball sim game like the NBA 2K series, and...

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The backboard smasher made it's return. 0

Originally written 1-23-11NBA Jam makes its return by bringing back that classic old school feel and adding a few new twist to old ideas. For those who don't know, NBA Jam was originally developed by Midway, and it debut in arcades back in 1993. Heavily influenced by Arch Rivals, NBA Jam featured a basketball tournament where a majority of the rules were completely thrown out with only two rules remaining; which happens to be the 24 second shot clock violation and goal tending.The game was a tw...

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NBA Jam 1

By -- Richard J.Back in '93, Midway released an arcade classic. The game was NBA Jam, and it is an understatement to say that it set the arcades on fire. Over the years, the game was ported to various consoles such as the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and the Sega Game Gear. Personally, I had no idea NBA Jam existed until it was too late. I was born in '93, and then was too busy playing Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past at the age of 8 and Crash Bandicoot on the PS1 to care about NBA Jam. Year...

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NBA Jam Review 0

Its been a while since last we got to sample this iconic game on the console, but this game has once again appeared, even if it is from the ashes of another game, NBA Elite 11. In this game you will be squaring off in a 2 versus 2 NBA showdown, where there are no fouls, there's no out of bounds line, and slam dunks are spectacular, if not physically impossible. You'll get to choose from all 30 teams, and you'll also have three of their stars to choose from.Graphically this game isn't suppose to ...

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