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    NBA Jam

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Oct 05, 2010

    Return to the roots of arcade NBA basketball in the 2010 installment of NBA Jam. Developed by EA Canada for seventh-generation game consoles, this rebirth brings back the gameplay, aesthetics, and gratuitous secrets of the original 1993 arcade game.

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    Sh** Done Changed

    The original NBA Jam, the Seattle Supersonics, and playing basketball are some of my fondest memories as a child.  If I wasn't watching the Sonics or shooting hoops in the front yard, I was  hoping that whatever place my parents dragged me to had an NBA Jam cabinet.  My folks made a home under a few guidelines, one of them being no video games.  At the time they said it was because I had a little bit of a mean streak in me, maybe they were on to something.  NBA Jam had that ability to awaken the sleeping dragon of curse words and violence, no matter what kids house you happened to be playing at.
    Like many I lost an appreciation for NBA Jam somewhere around the time Keith Van Horn appeared on the cover.  Was it the fault of NBA Jams stale formula,  or an entire generation of loyal fans aging and expanding their video game pallet?  It wasn't until years later, when the best sports game of all time was released; that the answer became clear.  The game offered little past a ridiculously entertaining way to waste four quarters.
    Fast forward to 2011.  My beloved Sonics are gone, NBA Street 2 is a distant memory, and what little time I have is not spent aimlessly shooting hoops in my parents yard.  With this heavy heart towards an entire sport, I approached the "rebirth" of the NBA Jam franchise.  Following from a far I watched as this re imaging of my youth went from pack in title, to the Wii, and then to a full scale release.  Could I manage to stomach the sight of the Oklahoma City Blunder long enough to form an objective opinion about NBA Jam?  Short answer, no.
    The formula still plays but in the same way it did back then.  If you get 4 people to play a game, it almost doesn't matter what it is;  you'll probably have a good time.  The often sought after "gaming experience" that the original NBA Jam practically invented.  Echoing the feelings of the official review; NBA Jam only works with 4 people with an equal appreciation for the NBA, all in the same room, cursing like sailors.  Lacking that, nearly every aspect of this game failed to resonate with me.  The online play is moderately fleshed out but I had difficulty finding people to play against, a problem that is exacerbated by a flat out awful single player campaign.  I don't expect any arcade sports game to ever top the insane single player depth of NBA Street 2, but NBA Jam's single player campaign is an exercise in repetition and monotony. 
    Graphics and sound are both serviceable, maintaining the style of the original but with an updated look that hits the right chords.  Inclusion of the original announcer is a nice touch, but dialog that could have been in the original is at times cringe worthy.  The fact is, I'll never fully embrace another NBA game until a team once again plays in the Emerald City.  A fleshed out single player campaign or any reason to enjoy this on a sports game level would have gone a long way.  Trying to set all that aside and hold NBA Jam on its own merits was difficult.  Instead it stands as a reminder that sports gaming is best enjoyed with like minded people; willing to throw things and curse at each other in the name of digital glory.

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