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    NBA Live 16

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Sep 29, 2015

    EA's basketball franchise will make another go of it in 2015.

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    NBA Live 16 is a basketball video game for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One which is scheduled to be released on September 29, 2015 in North America and scheduled to be released on October 1, 2015 in Europe. NBA Live 16 features Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder as its cover athlete.

    Gameplay Modes

    LIVE Pro-Am

    LIVE Pro-Am is a gameplay variation featuring two separate modes within itself; LIVE Run and Summer Circuit.

    Summer Circuit

    Summer Circuit is a cooperative mode featuring 5 human players matched against 5 CPU players of varying degree of skill, based on the arena chosen (from beginner to hard). Arenas reflect real courts around the country including Rucker Park, Seattle Pacific University, and more. LIVE Pro-Am features real-world NBA players in the challenges, as the highest tier of teams includes stars like Westbrook, James, Harden, and other big names.

    LIVE Run

    LIVE Run is a competitive 5v5 multiplayer mode where players take their created players on the road against other teams of created stars, competing to win and unlock gear.

    Rising Star

    Rising Star mode returns as NBA's take on the like modes in FIFA and Madden, creating and steering the rise of an NBA legend. Players control the look from hair and facial features down to shoes and tattoos, the latter being unlocked through RP earned via good performance in game. The player earns more SP and RP by performing better, a scale which scores the player in-game in real time and adjusts the rating according to positive or negative contributions. Players are scored positively for results like hitting open three pointers, driving and scoring, or setting up a shot, while they're docked points for getting rejected, hogging the ball, or letting their man score.


    NBA Live 16 also features a robust Dynasty mode where players can control the entire team instead of a singular player through multiple years of building and trading, in order to attain the best team possible and as many titles as possible. Players also take control of front office operations in the form of trades, acquisitions, and drafting, as well as development of individual players through training and drills.

    Quick Game

    NBA Live 16 features the ability for up to four players to play locally in cooperative or competitive games with any of the teams in the game.

    Character Creation and Customization

    Players are allowed to tweak sliders and create their own player, much in the spirit of other create-a-player modes have done in the past. Adding to NBA Live 16 is the GameFaceHD mobile app which allows players to scan in their own face by downloading the free app, and connecting their EA (Origin) account. The face then appears as an option on the first screen to customize the face once the upload has completed.

    LIVE 16 features brands seen on the court in real world matchups, including Adidas, Jordan, Nike, and more with quite a few unlocked at the outset, but more available through RP gains in Rising Star, LIVE Pro-Am, or other means.

    Also available for customization are animations for the player created character - players can add Lebron's signature celebration on top of Dwayne Wade's shooting animation, to create a Jock Jams of an NBA player with a mashup of styles resulting in a unique style.

    NBA Live Ultimate Team (LUT)

    Ultimate team once again return to the NBA Live series. The features allow players to build their own fantasy team to compete with. Utilizing player cards that is collected by purchasing packs with in game coins or through microtransactions.

    In this year version of the game, NBA Live 16 will feature specialist card. A higher version of a player card that focus on a player speciality, ie Three Point Shooting for Stephen Curry, Defense for LeBron James, etc. Players can acquire these cards through packs or by completing master fantasy challenges.


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