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NCAA Basketball 10 Review

NCAA Basketball 10 is the latest college hoops video game from EA. In this game you'll once again be able to have exhibitions games, there's a dynasty mode, there's an online mode, and of course you'll be able to create your own team to compete against all the major schools in men's college basketball.

Graphically this game looks like a generic college hoops game for this generation of consoles. I will give EA this they did get better models for the fans in comparison to the college football game. The actual players look plain, but they get the job done since the game is a little bit zoomed out. The coaches look like crap. For a company who has the tools to customize the crap out of characters, the coach selections look like the samplings of an original PlayStation game.

The sounds of the game are something that makes me shake my head  in frustration. Here we have a top of the line console, and yet the commentators audio pieces seem to be beyond recycled. The fan noise also really doesn't give the sport justice as it seems that all crowds are pretty subdued.

The controls are what makes this game utter crap. Why in the world would you not allow the user to customize the control scheme to allow for better submersion into the game? In my opinion the controls given to the player are beyond awkward and cause the game to look clunky and not fluid. Basketball when done right is just that, fluid and amazing to watch. These controls make it a chore to watch for long.

If you are looking to play a very well put together college hoops game, go back a couple years and pick up the 2K version. It is a true tragedy that 2K can no longer create great games like they have in the past for this version of sports.  This is not a fun game to play. The Dynasty mode in the game has very, very, cramped menus. The navigation through the game feels sluggish, and yet another chore to endure. I can fully say that I do not recommend this game, even if you are a die-hard college basketball fan. This game gets a big fat 4.7 out of 10.

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