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    NCAA Basketball

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Jun 19, 1992

    The first basketball game to utilize a dynamic 3D behind-the-ball perspective thanks to the system's Mode 7 technology. While it uses fictional teams in other regions, the North American release uses real college teams and is the first licensed video game with the NCAA.

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    NCAA Basketball is a simulation basketball game developed by Sculptured and published by Nintendo (HALKEN for the Japanese version) for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in Japan (on June 19, 1992 as Super Dunk Shot), North America (on October 1992), and in Europe (on July 22, 1993 as World League Basketball).

    Utilizing the platform's Mode 7 technology, NCAA Basketball is the first basketball game to be presented in a dynamic 3D perspective. The game's camera follows the ball (and the athlete controlling it) while focusing on the goal basket. This technique was also used in the studio's later sports games NHL Stanley Cup and Tony Meola's Sidekicks Soccer.

    While the North American version is licensed with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (the first game to do so) and uses real college teams from five of its Division I conferences (with fictional players), other regions use their own set of original teams. The Japanese version uses fictionalized versions of real-life teams from the National Basketball Association, while the European version uses fictional teams representing different worldwide cities.

    Along with standard exhibition matches, the game includes seasonal play (which uses the cartridge's battery-backed memory for saving).


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