NCAA Football 07

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Jul 18, 2006

    NCAA Football 2007 is the 10th game in the NCAA Football series. The theme for NCAA Football 2007 is "Turn the Tide." It features former USC Trojan and Heisman Winner Reggie Bush, who currently plays for the New Orleans Saints. This is the first next-generation NCAA Football game.

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    same game

     I know people out there will vote negative for giving NCAA a pretty weak score... but atleast I'm telling the basic truth.

    I have to say that unlike most sports game, this game does have a-plenty of new features and other small things that helps a lot. One example is that when you push a button to do Line Shifts/Audibles/Hot Routes, theres a small window that wasn't present in previous games that lists what options you can do.. this helps out people like me who aren't complete genius's and can't remember all the button combinations for the game.

    Other things they added was the momentum factor, which gives you the "momentum" whenever you make a big play or stop a big play, this looks nice, but it doesn't do anything that noticable. Also, you can Jump the snap on the defensive line, this feature is nice and should've been added plenty of years ago. There is also a new kick meter.. but it doesn't add anything too different accept controls.

    One of the big things in-game is that you can change the camara to third-person on special teams, this gives you a special look during runbacks, punts, and Field Goals... it doesn't change anything really(accept it's harder to run a punt back for a TD), but it's a welcome addition.

    Now that everything in-game has been covered, we'll take a look at the new main "Feature" for the game, which is Campus Legend.. where you do some drills, pick a scholorship, and pick a major.. you have tests and such, but its basically the same mode as last year..

    Now I hate to put a little personal rant in the review, but if I buy a game called NCAA Football 07, I want to play Football.. not become popular within a video game.. not to study for Chemistry... to play Football.. nothing more... If you can't come up with a cool feature that includes a different look/way to play/way to have friends play Football, then don't put it in, but that's my opinion..

    besides all of that, theres not too much else. It's a great and well recommended game if you have never played NCAA Football, but if you bought last years game, there isn't too much of a reason to pay for a full priced game and play the same game again.    

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