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Hey everyone, I just tried out the EA Teambuilder Online thing, and it's pretty much what you would expect from a Create-a-School mode. There where a few more options than I expected for design styles for the uniform, but everything else is just like it's been in the past.

So, just for fun, I made a Giant Bomb team complete with both Giant Bomb and Luchadeer logos (be sure to check the "show custom logos" box to see these) and some familiar giant bomb names added to the roster.

Keep in mind, I just used all the default playbook and stats stuff so they might not be a great team to actually play as right now, but their uniforms are cool and I hope to go in and change some stats when I have time to sit down and really focus on it...or just do the classic "every stat is 99" thing, I haven't decided.

To see this just go to:

and search for "Giant Bomb" at the search box towards the bottom. Enjoy!

(sorry the link isn't clickable, my forum experience is limited)

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This brings up a good question. What offense would the giant bomb team run? I'm thinking more of a pass all the time type of team.

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Ugh. Flash 10 website. Really EA? What is this, 2005?

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