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NCAA Football 13

For some reason I felt like I wrote this review a long time ago, or during the middle of the College Football season, but apparently I did not. So here goes the review of yet another year of EA Sports College Football. A game in which you can play as a singular player, create a dynasty, play strictly as the coach, play a season, play an exhibition game, or play mascots against mascots. As is the case with most games now you can also do all of the above online as well.

Graphically this game is the same as always, there's nothing really to make it visually different from the previous entries on this current generation hardware. I do have to say that the loading screens seem to lag from time to time, and there's some pixel mischief that happens once in a blue moon,

The audio for the game has you listening to your favorite announcers, or PA announcer (depending on the mode of game you're playing). You will notice that the commentating in the game is jerky. They will be in the middle of a sentence and then stop randomly, sometimes when a menu pops up, and sometimes they just leave you hanging.

The controls have stayed pretty consistent. There is a couple of different layouts they give you to find something more comfortable to play with, but I think it's safe to say that the majority of the gamers don't really mess around with the layout.

As everyone knows, this is a college football game, the only one available, so my feelings of lacking innovation just continue to be evident in every year the game is produced. It is still a solid game, don't get me wrong, but the biggest changes to the game have to do with the roster updates. The rest of the game is about maybe tweaking a menu here, or there, and adding some new feature, at the same time it feels like they are breaking another feature. I did have one big qualm with the loading screens. To most it's probably a very small thing, but when you are playing as the Auburn Tigers, the last thing you want to see when going to the practice field is the Alabama practice facility with Alabama banners in it. I believe there are quite a few gamers out there who understand where I'm coming from. You don't allow any one school's logo to be on a loading screen. There's a good chance that the gamer is pulling for the rival.

Alright, so lets get down to the verdict here. If you like College Football, and you want to play it online get this game. EA has a very bad habit of shutting down servers for games that are 2 years old. So you might as well get ahead of the curve so you and your friends can enjoy the game together before EA tears everything done. There's part of me that doesn't want to give this game an actual score since it is just a copy of the previous versions with an updated roster, and the majority of the game depends on how the actual team recruited. So I'm going to have to say that this game gets the same score as one of its predicessors, we'll go with a 7.7 out of 10.

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