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    Necro is a character from the Street Fighter 3 line of games. His moves are similar to both that of Dhalsim and Blanka.

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    Necro, like many of the other characters from Street Fighter III is essentially a remake of other characters but unlike most others he seems to be a mix of two Street Fighter II characters, Dhalsim, and Blanka. He has the same floaty aspect and long stretchable limbs as Dhalsim, overall most of Necro´s moves are original and doesn't play exactly like Dhalsim, Necro also uses the shock attack that Blanka has. Overall these seem to become a great mix which really lend to this characters strengths in the game as a fighter.


    The Story-line with Necro is that he was a young boy named Illia living in Russia, then all of a sudden he was kidnapped by the Illiuminati (lead by Gill) as part of the "G-Project". Necro was experimented on, which was the cause of his ability to stretch his arms and legs, and the ability to perform electrical attacks. He also has a computer chip implanted in his brain for which provides his knowledge of Martial Arts. Despite his mutations, Necro's humanity and nature is still in tact. During his capture, he meets a girl named Effie, who also is being experimented on. Effie becomes Necro's love interest and also mimics some of Necro's actions.

    During the events of the Street Fighter III games, Necro enters the third World Warrior tournament to fight Gill for his chance for Effie´s freedom and his own. Necro gets captured by Gill, but Effie comes in and helps Necro escape. In Third Strike, Necro and Effie have become fugitives, so they try to escape out of Russia.

    Differences between Necro & Dhalsim

    Many people make the assumption that Necro plays exactly like Dhalsim because of the fact Necro can stretch his arms and legs, which is actually false. Necro's move-set (which includes regular moves as well) are completely different from Dhalsim. Another thing about the two characters is how they're used in combat; Players use Dhalsim more defensively but Necro is the opposite, players use him more offensively; he is also more combo heavy.

    Necro's winning comments in Third Strike

    • "A little battery won't kill ya...Or will it?"
    • "When I realized I was no longer alone,I became determined to win!"
    • "What's that aroma? That's the smell of freshly cooked brain matter!"
    • "I'm long and strong! To challenge me would be so wrong!"
    • "The pain of sensitively of the flesh varies, were does it hurt the most?"
    • "Freedom was once just a dream, now I can fight to achieve it."
    • "if you though that was abnormal. Wait until you see THIS!!"
    • "You think I'm a freak?! You should see some of these other characters!"


    Special Moves

    • Electric Blaster - his antiair/combo finishing electric attack. Has the motion of a dragon punch instead of button presses.
    • Tornado Hook - his main staple, a nice 2-4 hit spin attack where he flails his fists at an opponent.
    • Flying Viper - a quick overhead attack where Necro leaps and slaps the top of the opponents head with both hands.
    • Snake Fang
    • Rising Cobra

    Super Art

    • Magnetic Storm - a basic upgraded vers of his electric blaster.
    • Slam Dance - Necro has a command throw?! SWEET. This double power bomb combo is rarely used, but boy does it look good in action. Surprisingly, instead of a 360 or 720 motion, uses two quater circle forward (hadouken) motions.
    • Electric Snake - Necros most commonly used super, in which he sends a couple hundred gigawatts toward his opponent from the floor. Does incredible stun dmg, a MKxxTornadoHookxxElectric Snake combo does about 55% stun almost all characters, and if Necro gets another combo, he can defintely assume the opponent is stunned.

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