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    Magic or divination involving the dead and departed. One that practices necromancy is generally referred to as a necromancer.

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    In many games necromancy is usually the evil school of magic. The reason for this stems from the fact that necromancy is the magical art that deals with life and death, often with the goal to make living things dead, and then resurrecting them as horrible undead minions. Due to a necromancers ability to raise a completely loyal army of shambling corpses, necromancers are usually the ideal bad guy in a fantasy setting. Other uses for necromancy is often life stealing effects, curses / debuffs, striking your enemies with fear, gaining immortality by transforming yourself into a lich, and many more. Necromancy is often regarded as one of the most broad spell schools, and is often also the quickest to give access to very powerful spells, but these usually require the caster to sacrifice some of his own mortality.

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