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    Necron is the final boss of Final Fantasy IX and is the ultimate decider of life and death.

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    Necron is the final boss of the game Final Fantasy IX. He is characterized as a large, white entity, surrounded by massive rotating rings and guarded by large batwings. The party encounters him after Kuja presumably destroys the Crystal responsible for life and existence, sending them to face off against the entity of death. After a brief dialogue with Zidane, and to the tune of eerie moans and music, the party challenges him to battle.


    HP: 55,535
    AP: 0
    Items: Elixir
    Necron is known to have a few serious attacks to watch out for. His Grand Cross is capable of inflicting any status effect, including Instant Death. The other is Blue Shockwave, which hits one party member down to 1 HP. He will also cast Protect and Shell on himself, making all attacks less effective, and thus prolonging the battle. It is important to heal all status ailments, or to prevent them with special abilities. Hammer away with strong physical and magical attacks, and eventually you'll wither his HP down to 0.
    After his defeat, he and his battle arena in the sky begin to crumble, and just as the party is teleported away, he says his last words, that as long as darkness and chaos exist, so shall he. He is then destroyed, at least for the time being.

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