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    Ned (Nedward) Flanders, voiced by Harry Shearer, is the Springfieldian next-door neighbor of the Simpson family. He has also made appearances in numerous games centered around the franchise.

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    Nedward Flanders Jr, or better known Ned or Neddie is son of Nedward Sr and Agnes

    He is a God-Obsessed, a Born-Christian with endless patience and a next-door neighbour of The Simpson Family which everyone gets along, exception for Homer who hates him for being so successful then him, despite that Homer and Ned are enemies at time, they both respect each other due to their trips as Homer defended Ned at Church as Homer was considering him that he's been there for everyone due to his generosity by believing people in goods and being a good born Christian. As Ned finally accepts Homer the speech he's done for him the two of them remain their friendship and became best of frenemies.

    Ned was married to his wife Maude Flanders and has two sons Rod and Todd, His wife was killed off the Race Track by accidently launched those T-Shirts onto her before taking the fall and now he becomes a single father by living with his two sons Rod and Todd.


    Ned is a generous, honest, kind, patient and a great neighbour that he gets along with everyone as he goes to church with his family because he believes the goods in Christianity like God and Jesus Christ and he's very close to Reverend Timothy Lovejoy. Ned shows that sometimes he has no tolerance towards his no-good neighbour Homer Simpson at times for being so rude too him and stealing his properties from his house, but he generally cares for him at times whenever Homer's feelings thinks that he's been the typical loser he is at times.

    Ned is a very good provider for his family as he owned his business and manager of the shop called the Leftorium at Springfield Mall after he graduated from Oral Roberts University, As his wife Maude has passed on, Ned is a great homemaker and generally cares for his sons and neighbours as he makes his World's Delicious Hot Cocoa to make them happy.


    • Hi Diddily-Ho!
    • Okily Dokily!
    • Toodily-Doo
    • Diddly and Doodly
    • Neighborino

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