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I picked up the PC version on Amazon ($5) and I have it installed and all except I'm running into a problem with the activation.

Every time I launch it, it asks me to activate even though it said the activation was successful the first time.

Each time I go through this process it says it was successful but the game itself won't launch. I went into the game folder and launched the activation.exe or whatever and it says activation is OK so I don't know what the problem is.

I would appreciate any tips cuz I'm about to just download a crack for this game because it's not like I would miss out that much on the online side from a 2 year old game.

And if your suggestion is to contact EA support then I rather just get the crack cuz I've heard enough bad stories of customer support constantly beating around the bush and transferring you to other people who don't know what's going on. Thanks.

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If you have a CD key activate it on Origin.

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I downloaded it through origin and it's installed and everything the only problem is what I listed in the OP.

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Have you actually tried giving customer support a shout? Seems like you would probably find more help there possibly.

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Oh, EA... I fucking hate you.

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