NfS:HP Community Growing?

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#1 Posted by Blur_Fan (158 posts) -

I recently picked this game up, because it was crazy cheap at Best Buy the other.  Holy shit, I'm glad I did.  This game is fantastic. 
Anyway, I feel like the community for this game keeps growing, like any good sleeper hit.  I instantly find races online, and AutoLog is a breath of fresh air for online connectivity.  Maybe it's because of people like me, finding this game cheap recently, but I'm glad it is.  Anyone else noticing this, particularly the Day 1 people?

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I agree I just picked it up and am enjoying it very much so, and I am not even a driving game fan, but it getting so much GOTY attention/discussion made me pick it up with a giftcard.  
Are you on PSN or XBOX live.  If PSN, shoot me a friend request as I am still trying to fill out my autolog.  PSN ID: DPedal1  
Loving the snapshot feature also!!

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#3 Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG (4312 posts) -

how much does it cost right now?

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It was normal price at BB when I picked it up, with a GC I payed $20, but I will say it is totally worth the full $60, there is an infinite amount of replayablity, in attempting to beat times and earn gold medals and such, the autolog feature truly is worthy of all the praise it is receiving.

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Well I think it's community size was never in question since it's a Need For Speed game, and brand recognition has always been good. Really when it comes to Need For Speed even when it's at it's worst *cough*Undercover*cough* the gameplay is still really fun.
Either way though I think it's a case of people are showing up cause it's NFS, and staying because it's fucking awesome.
Edit: When I got it, it was 45 bucks at Best Buy, but that was like early-mid December...

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#6 Posted by ZoomyRamen (255 posts) -

Just picked this up myself, add me on XBL! ZoomyRamen.  
As for the game, its incredible, first racing I've actually enjoyed through and through and really want to play for a long period of time.

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