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Scratches that Nostalgic Itch Quite Well! 12

Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit came out for the original Playstation back in 1998.  I remember seeing the initial commercials for the game and thinking how awesome it was to have a game where you run from the cops in expensive cars.  Every week I'd go up to the rental store, and of course, like clockwork it was always out.  Eventually I ended up picking it up and having a blast.  I'm happy to say, that roughly 12 years later, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit does not miss a beat!  One aspec...

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An addictive revival of a long-dormant series and genre 1

It’s not often that I wipe out a review and start from scratch, but a good amount of time with Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit has essentially forced me to do so, thanks to its overwhelming first impression and infuriatingly aggravating early-game AI. Once you fully understand how to play it, however, Hot Pursuit will rewardingly reveal Criterion’s successful effort at reviving a franchise that’s been near-dormant for years--as well as reviving a style of racing game that’s been dead for far too l...

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The New Hot Pursuit 1

If you're a fan of the Need for Speed racing franchise, you would probably agree that it's been a roller-coaster of a ride featuring mostly low points. It seems like with every game it was either  hit or miss and I know a lot of people who have been greatly disappointed in some of the more recent installments. This time Criterion Games, the minds behind the great arcade racing series Burnout, have taken the wheel in the latest version/remake of the classic NFS subsidiary--hot pursuit. It didn't ...

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Criterion can do Better 0

 It's never a good sign when I find myself trying hard to like a game.  Such is the case with NFS Hot Pursuit, a game that dared to update the beloved PC classic and rekindle my passion in arcade racers.  Taken as a whole, Criterion has done a solid job of repackaging the game for the current console generation, blending the "no brakes required" thrills of their previous Burnout games with the sort of sticky socia media hooks that is sure to plague video games well into the next generation. Kudo...

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A chase worth experiencing 0

It says a lot about Criterion as a developer when I find myself thoroughly pleased with Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit despite not wanting a Need For Speed game since... ever. Hot Pursuit embodies many of the things that I could possibly ask for in a racing game, from the constant and powerful excitement that is felt in every race to the occasionally stiff but always rewarding competition of the online multiplayer. Simply put, Hot Pursuit is one of the finest and intense racing experiences to come ...

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This ain't no Burnout 0

I’ve been a fan of Criterion's racing games for a while now, and give them a lot of credit for pulling me into genre. As such, I was a little wary of the decision to move them to the more high-profile Need for Speed license, and it seems that my fears were not unfounded. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit definitely shows off Criterion’s skill at making quality racing games, but it also feels like an underwhelming compromise on the style of racing that made their games so much fun in the first pla...

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Infuriatingly Fun 0

 Any game that gets one thing right can be a great game. And NFS: Hot Pursuit gets one thing right.  White knuckle racing.   Hot Pursuit is a pretty simple game and does not even bother with things like story. Some NFS fans may miss the cheesy dialog and over the top acting but what Hot Pursuit lacks in camp, it makes up for in addictive racing and take-downs.     There are basically three types of races; your timed race, full out hot pursuit, and one versus one take-down of a racer.  Because th...

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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Review 0

It’s been a long year for fans of the racing-style games. With very few games launching within the genre, its become a bit of a challenge for those who enjoy those racing-esque styled games, or enjoy the thrill of driving on the open road, bolting away from the police. Other than Need for Speed: Most Wanted, practically nothing else has shown its face on the market for racing fans.So lets take a quick trip back in time, not too far back though, but just back far enough so that we can find a grea...

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NFS is exciting again. 1

 The last time I purchased a Need for Speed title new was Most Wanted. If felt like Hot Pursuit, but was missing something. That something is what Hot Pursuit brings to the table. Much like the original Hot Pursuit, this one is all about speed and running from the cops.If you're new to the series, here's a heads up. Need for Speed is not a racing simulator. It's not trying to be. If anything, it's a Fast & The Furious simulator. It's an action-movie style racing game. If you're familiar with...

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A Single Player Travesty 0

Personal Gaming Note: I'm rank 5 as racer and cop, NFS:MW was my favorite racer and I never played Burnout until Paradise (which I've bought for both PS3 and 360 and have beat near 3 times). I'm not a hugely competivie guy but enjoy games with friends. For me, NFS:HP is a competent multiplayer game made fun only if playing with friends but the single player is lackluster, to put it lightly. I'm not having any fun with it at all by myself, and even autolog is pointless for me. I don't really care...

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need for awesomenes! 0

If u like racing games arcade style fun racing games to be exact then i believe this game will not disappoint u at all.  its Fast its Fun its Challenging, to say the least it should fit the $ and really fit in ur racing arcade games or wich ever part u pls to put this great creation of a race game! ...

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Fun, fun, fun 0

I have played just about every single Need4Speed titles since back in the day and let me say it is extremely nice to play an original. Granted it is a lot like Burnout with the NFS moniker but in the end it is NFS and it is a whole lot of fun. Graphics are some of the most beautiful EA has ever pulled off and the controls aren't to bad either. Plenty of supercars to play with and great tracks. I just would have liked some circuit racing....

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Not That Good 0

I think this is a step in the wrong direction for this series, it actually feels like a step backwards.  The series has had some awful games recently, no question about that.  And this is an improvement over those games for sure, but it also isn't what it should have been.  Given the title, I expected a game a lot more like NFS: Most Wanted.   But this game is far too stripped down to fit the bill.  There is no car customization, no upgrades for the cars, and the "open world" is not very open.  ...

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Awesome 1

Since with my english is poor I will use Google translator.  The game, in some way, struck me as what-if and beauty.  Big mountains, wide deserts, forests and other natural beauty.  All this looks just fine.  According to the most gameplay of the game is not very good in some ways even horrible and unbalanced.  Well, hurt the game I do not want.  I will say only that the multiplayer, too, was a success.  Even, perhaps, has turned cooler than the beauty of the game ...  ...

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Best Need for speed Game ever made 0

Game play the game I was waiting for years need for speed hot pursuit with free roam that you can choose to drive cop cars or racer cars. The career has changed to you can choose to be a cop and stop the street racers or break the law then street race and the best part is you can play what you want and all the new events are good. Even know criterion has made this game I am not afraid to say that I want Criterion to continue on to the nfs series because that franchise has made all great burnout ...

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NFS IS BACK: and this time its packing heat 0

I had been quitely trying not to get excited for this title because of the slow decline of NFS, in my eyes, over the years BUT with the excellent Criterion Games on board this proves to be the series reboot  THAT MATTERS :D   With the knowledge that the guys who made my much loved Burnout games behind this title I was going into the Demo with the only hope that  EA hadnt totally diluted the creativity of the team and luckerly everything was right where it needed to be.   The first thing that hit...

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Five Word Review 0

Full-length reviews present an off-putting challenge for me. I labor over word, sentence, and grammatical choices to the point of exhaustion. These five-word reviews are my solace; I hope you appreciate the brevity.AttractivePolishedBoringFastEmpty...

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Possibly the closest thing to a perfect arcade racer. 0

  It sounds like typical reviewer hyperbole, but honestly I believe that Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is possibly the closest thing to a perfect arcade racer. It's hard to believe that this game actually came out in the first place, as the Need for Speed series has been drifting around the mediocre scores of gamers since NFS: Carbon almost literally. it's hard to imagine that the less popular racing series EA had which was Burnout, taking up the Need for Speed name and making their own game un...

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Racing boring 0

Quickplay reviewNever played a lot of racing games, and this one looks like one in a dozen. You race, you have your afterburner, hot cars and nice road and.. nothing more. It constantly wants me to go online, has boring interval movies that cannot be skipped so it annoyed the hell out of me. Won the first races easily so I guess they didn't really invest into AI or decent racing and have put all the focus on online racing. Which is not my thing.Final verdictArchived.[based upon 45 minutes of pla...

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Great but at a price. 0

After that silly attempt to be a simuation, Shift, instead of what the series has always been about, its great to see that the series can still be fun.  Even better is that they left out the cheesy flat chested nobody FMV.  However, the game does cheat and cheat all the time.  They do this so every race, every pursuit is intense and a fight to the last mile.  And I really mean last mile because at that point, the AI will stop cheating.  I have to admit that in this game, the cheating does seem t...

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Not my speed. 0

I honestly don't know why I keep doing it.  Other than a few cart racing games, I'm really not a fan of the racing genre as a whole.  Yet, whenever a new racer comes out, I find myself at least somewhat intrigued by it and, if I'm feeling extremely kooky, buying it.  This is a choice I almost universally regret as I once again find myself not being compelled to continue racing.  Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is a game  that almost broke me.  It's combination of real-life vehicles, unique duel styl...

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Single Player Career Review 0

Need for Speed is back and better than ever with the help from Criterion Games, the people that have brought you the amazing Burnout series.   Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is EA's return to put some life back into the Need for Speed franchise.   Need for Speed has been getting dull and has not been exciting for awhile, so EA looked to Criterion to take time out from the Burnout series to make them a new starting off point for the Hot Pursuit series. Hot Pursuit has no story and the game does not...

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Cheap PC port. 0

The Graphics are awful. Grass sprites and decals become visible just ahead of you making the landscape look rather dull and empty. Not much lighting going on either.. everything is evenly lit. There are no settings for AA/AS or anything other than Resolution, Texture size and Motion Blur.  The races are boring and easy. You go straight most of the time and occasionally strafe around a long curve by tapping the handbreak. There is almost no oncoming traffic and no penalty when you hit a wall. I c...

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