Can I please get some help/advice?

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Hey everyone. I have been recently playing NFS Most wanted and while I'm enjoying it, I am not enjoying sucking at it so much. I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips? It's been a long time since I've played a racing game and I think the last burnout game I played was 3. Basically the problem I'm having is it seems I have to fight not to be at 8th place. There are times when I can get up to as high as third place but most of the time I feel completely under matched to the rest of the cars. I try to do the easiest races first and improve my car that way but I am at a stand still right now where I can not achieve any of the goals from any of the races I have. Any suggestions will be appreciated, thanks guys.

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You need to make sure you get first place in the easy race before moving on to any others. Getting the ability to boost is vital. If you're having problems with the first race I unfortunately don't have many tips beyond learn to drift around sharp turns.

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Well I'm not exactly bad at the game myself but I know that if I even crash once, I'm done. So If you crash just restart the damn event.

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You can usually crash a few times on the easy/medium events and still be able to win. Just keep trying and get used to the way the car handles. Each car is a bit different in this game so try to stick with one so you get used to it.

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First, every time you pick out a new car, get the boost, once you get that, you need to get the hang on drifting around corners, since drifting and then boosting out of the drift is essential to doing well. So I would start with getting the hang of drifting, which is somewhat difficult when you are starting out if you haven't played Paradise, but once you do that, drift and boost!

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If it's anything like Hot Pursuit, to drift around turns the easiest and fastest just let off the gas and then quickly apply pressure again, try to avoid using the brakes.

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