First Good Wii U Port?

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So Eurogamer's Digital Foundry has their Wii U tech analysis up for Need For Speed Most Wanted. Up till now we've had some really awful Wii U ports, with poor performance and all but useless Gamepad features. Most Wanted, at least according to Digital Foundry, not only performs better than the other console versions, it looks better and makes great use of the Gamepad.

The coolest thing is that using the Gamepad players can instantly select any car they have found on the map. This fixes one of the main issues with the game. You can also change the time of day with the touch of a button, which is also quite useful. Add in the more stable framerate and improved graphics, and the Wii U version actually seems like the best version of the game, at least on consoles.

The downsides are minor but present. First off the MP player count has dropped from 8 players to 6 players. Not a huge issue but too bad. And the other issue is one all racing games on the system are going to have, there are no analog triggers on the Wii U, meaning acceleration will be a bit more difficult to control.

So what do you guys think? Are the improvements to the game worth the drawbacks? And isn't it nice to see a developer really put some effort into the Wii U version of a game?

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