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Good here, Bad There 0

I'm going to get all the numbers out of the way quickly. I've beaten the game, so I'm not just "first-impressioning."Graphics: 10/10 Jesus this game is beautifulGameplay 8/10 The amazing driving experience you have come to expect. Takedowns are implemented well, and walls are even less forgiving than they were in BP. Unfortunately, rubber-banding is so desperately obvious it looks like the computers are Tesseract-ing.Music: 3/10 Jesus this soundtrack is miserableSingle Player: 5/10 Extremely rep...

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Disappointing 1

To be clear this review comes from the PC side, the console experience maybe different as the autolog feature can add a lot so if you're like me and you have only a few people on Origin then autolog leaves a lonely void on you.With that said, the single player is boring. It seems like it should be pointed out that if you're looking for a single player arcade style game avoid this one at all costs and just buy Hot Pursuit.It's hard to even know where to start with what i feel is wrong with this g...

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games 0

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Superb multiplayer! 0

Need for Speed: Most Wanted was one of my most anticipated titles going into 2012. I was looking forward to Criterion developing another game in the series, and was interested in what direction they would take after their last endeavor, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Hot Pursuit followed the format of most arcade racers at the time with a shallow and focused single player, and a multiplayer that relied upon short bursts of competition (5 minute races). All in all, it was one of my favorite racing ...

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More Addicting Than Cocain 0

When Criterion revealed Need For Speed at E3 earlier this year, my initial reaction was why the hell are they calling this Most Wanted? I got over that pretty much immediately when they showed gameplay, and they won me over right there and then. Since June, I have been awaiting the release date anxiously. Here we are now, with my review of NFS: Most Wanted.There's no menu when you launch the game, a title screen asking you to press start is all you get. After the initial load screen you get a fa...

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Return to Criterion Form 0

While I am still waiting for a racing game that adds to the flavor of Burnout Revenge, with Crash mode and all the hectic goodies, this is about as solid an arcade/fun experience with a racing game as I've had since 2005.The biggest jump in the game as a NFS game is the accessibility of it all. You have access to a fair number of cars off the bat. Any race you have tried you can jump to in the game menu. You can switch to cars in the menu. It is all very quick, and feels much better than Paradis...

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Most Wanted: The best need for speed 0

Need for speed Most Wanted is the most entertaining need for speed game released to dat topping the likes of the original most wanted and Hot Pursuit. It draws many elements from 2008's Burnout Paradise and is equal parts fun with multiplayer and almost as good in the single player....

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