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was thinking this game would be great but its horrible

Game play: First when I've seen this game on youtube I was watching the video and I thought that Need For Speed Nitro looks great but the review are not as bad as I tought it would be Instead of Buying it I went and I rented the game for the weekend started playing I noticed that the graphics are cartoony and the cars look bad I started doing races and I tought that the game isn't that bad the races where fun and their was different cool cars to choose from I've noticed that you have to get stars to proceed to further in the game that bothered me since i did not want to force myself in races to earn stars. I wanted to enjoy the racing without fixing an objective. Soon i found out that the races started to be harder and the AI seems to be a lot more difficult. you need 370 stars to get to the last championship so I had to replay a lot of races from the past to earn the stars this game took me 18 hours to beat in two days I tought this game would've been short. The only thing I dont like is that the game does not have a big selection for cars and that the races are restricted because of stars. Most likely this game has bad camera angles and the cars get damaged pretty quick. This game is fun but It did not impress me I personally think this is the worst game in the Need For Speed Franchise. After Undercover I tought that Ea understood what they did wrong in the previous games but I think that the gameplay needed a lot of tweeking.

Graphics:The graphics and visuals are bad but this game is 60 frames per second wich is great for a wii game but the camera angles and the cars and characters are too cartoony to my likeing.

Sound: The sound is great the difference between an exotic or a muscle car or a tuner are much different this is the best aspect of the game definetly.

Overall: Overall this game is great but most of the issues make this game bad if this game would've been better im sure this game would've been great. Rent it First in case don't buy it or you'll regret it.

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    My reasons 1:The Cars are basically castrated into Cancer For your eyes 2:Way too hard for using a wii remote as control of the car 3:Way too challenging mostly due to Reason #2 My GOOD Reasons 1:It's an NFS Game 2:At least EA Tried. I'm happy that ea learned from this and is never doing something like this again....

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     The Need for Speed series reached a milestone just a while back, and is nowadays recognisable as one of the best racing games on the market. It's been here a while, 10 years to be more exact, and in those 10 years of activity, EA released over 10 different games, on a dozen of consoles.  In 2009, EA decided to divide the series into three versions: Arcade, Simulation and MMO. NFS Shift already released as a simulation game, and got positive feedback, and so will happen with Nitro, or so it shou...

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