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The NeGcon (pronounced "Neh-Gee-Con") is a third-party controller manufactured by Namco in 1995 for the Sony Playstation. This unique controller consisted of two halves connected by a swivel joint. Each half could be twisted relative to the other. This twisting motion registered as a directional command and served as a replacement for the analog sticks featured on Sony's DualShock controller. The goal of the NeGcon was to afford racing game enthusiasts precision steering controls.

In addition to swivel controls, the NeGcon also featured a unique button layout. The R2, L2 and select buttons are not present on the NeGcon. The lack of R2 and L2 was likely due to many popular racing games on the Playstation mapping acceleration and brake to face buttons instead of shoulder buttons. Buttons required a larger than average travel distance before being activated. Namco intended for the NeGcon to be held in a similar fashion to that of a steering wheel. You could hold the NeGcon with your fingers forming a fist, while your thumbs hovered over the face of the controller.

Use of the NeGcon was supported by many racing games such as Gran Turismo, Destruction Derby, the Ridge Racer series and the WipeOut series. Though the controller was intended solely for use with the Playstation, some Playstation 2 games such as WipeOut Fusion and Ridge Racer V also featured support. The Ace Combat series is one of the very few examples of non-racing games that allow the use of the NeGcon.

The NeGcon saw very little success in the third-party controller market, presumably due to limited compatibility and odd design. However, the device still holds some monetary value due to its rarity and hobbyist/collectors interest.

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