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Neighbours From Hell is a strategy game released on the PC in June 2003 and the Gamecube and Xbox in March of 2005. Developed by JoWood Productions and published by JoWood Productions and Encore Software.


Players take control of Woody, the star of a TV show who's goal is to cause as much chaos as he possibly can without being caught. He causes this chaos by setting traps for his neighbours so that the show's TV rating will increase, but must be careful and must be on the look out for the neighbours and their trusty pets. If players aren't careful, the neighbors will be alerted to Woody's prescense.


  • Woody - Not one to let an opportunity slip by to play tricks on his evil neighbor.
  • Mr. Rottweiler - Annoying, evil and disgusting neighbor.
  • Mr. Rottweiler's Mom - No better than her son.
  • Dog (Mr. Rottweiler's Mom's) - Takes after his owner, and always barks at Woody.
  • Olga - Mr. Rottweiler is attracted to her, but Woody will always take the chance to ruin any romance for his neighbor.
  • Olgas child - Treated badly by Mr. Rottweiler, Woody feels he needs to do something about the way his neighbor is treating the child.
  • Chilli - Mr. Rottweiler's Parrot, master of imitation, speech and memory.
  • Joe

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