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Nekketsu Oyako ("Hot Blooded Parent and Children") is a beat'em up with five levels. Players select one of three characters, with stats comparable to those of the characters in Final Fight, and proceed through these levels to defeat their end bosses. The fifth level culminates in a boss rush, capped off with a multiple phase final boss.

Depending on the character selected, players will be unable to pick up certain in-game items that drop from enemies or destroyed environmental objects. As a prime example, the two child characters are unable to drink beer to restore health, whereas the adult character is allowed to do so.


Nekketsu Oyako was a launch title for the Japanese release of the Sony PlayStation, and was one of only a handful of games developed by TecnoSoft for the platform. The game was released later on the Sega Saturn with a remixed soundtrack, and features less slowdown than the PlayStation release.

Upon booting the game, a brief advertisement appears for an upcoming "PINBALL GAME". This would wind up being Kyuutenkai: Fantastic Pinball, released three months after Nekketsu Oyako.


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