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    Nektulos Forest

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    Nektulos Forest separates the volcanic mountains of Lavastorm from the more peaceful Commonlands in eastern Antonica. The dark elf city of Neriak lies beneath it.

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    Nektulos Forest
    Nektulos Forest

    Nektulos Forest is where young dark elves first begin to hone their skills before venturing out into the world. The path stretching from the Commonlands to the south to Lavastorm Mountains to the north is often patrolled by the Neriak guards known as dragoons. Neriak itself is buried beneath the rocky hills in the northeast region of the forest. The dragoons of the Indigo Brotherhood guard the only bridge that crosses the river running west to east through the forest. Those not in league with the Teir`Dal must brave the piranha filled waters to avoid these deadly warriors. A wizard spire can be found along the eastern border, allowing many experienced dark elf wizards to return home quickly. To the west, a brave band of halflings known as the Leatherfoot raiders stand guard to protect Rivervale from any dark elves attempting to invade by way of the river. Occasionally, they will use their guile to enter the city of Neriak itself, but are seldom heard from again.

    Neighboring Zones


    Notable NPCs

    • Captain N`Farre
    • Coldwind Blackfoot
    • Gollee
    • High Chief Deroslan
    • High Chief Ferilsars
    • High Chief Wasolors
    • Himmel
    • Kirak Vil
    • Leatherfoot Captain
    • Master Whoopal
    • Venenzi Oberzendi

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