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    Neku Sakuraba

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    Neku Sakuraba is the main protagonist in the game The World Ends with You. He wakes up with no memory of anything besides his name and the fact that he doesn't like people in general. Throughout the course of the game he learns to better understand others.

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    Physical Appearance

    Neku was created based off of the clothing sites of Japanese youth culture in the popular shopping district of Shibuya. That being said, he’s not far different from a normal looking person, if it weren’t for his hair and unusually thin body structure. His hair can be classified as a orange color with a light brown hue, with darker than everage blue eyes. Despite being outside most of the time, Neku has virtually no tan, actually looking somewhat pale.


    He is most noted for his carefree nature, taking his life in stride, but then letting things fly by a bit TOO quickly, and therefore not always caught up in the current situation. Despite his very calm and relaxed nature he has a strong sense of justice. Thanks to the Reaper's game, Neku has learned a lot isn't the selfish being he was at the beginning. He likes to live in his own way and, in the beginning, didn't care about the ones around him that he considered would slow him down.
    However, at the beginning of TWEWY, Neku was quite an angry, apathetic person. He didn't care for anyone else except himself, and often swore or ignored the advice of his first partner, Shiki. It wasn't until several days into the game that he began to change for the better.

    Other Info (Spoilers)

    Later on throughout the game's story and the hidden reports, it is discovered that he was originally intended to be the proxy for game-master(Joshua) to help weed out corruption among the Reapers.
    His main power, received from the game, is the ability to read others minds and thoughts. This is ironic considering towards the beginning he is self-centered and does not care what others think.
    He also has the ability to use a variety of pins that are capable of activating different powers, such as telekinesis and fire manipulation.


    In the Another Day level of The World Ends With You, there are many jokes and parodies about Neku's depressed nature, at one point he even comments, "Must, repress, emo, urges!".

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