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    Nelson Muntz

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    Bully of Springfield Elementary

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    Nelson Muntz is a school bully at Springfield Elementary School as he attends Edna Krabappel 's 4th Grade Class along with Bart Simpson who is his favourite target of bullying him at times.

    Nelson made his first appearance in Bart the General as he starts off as a antagonist where Bart becomes the victim by Nelson bullying him, by the time in the end Nelson calls it a truce with Bart and both of become best of frenemies by the following seasons.

    Nelson comes from a poor family and he currently lives with his alcoholic and drug-addicted mother by becoming a Exotic Dancer and his father left him by abandoning him and went insane for a reason (it is mentioned that his dad is in prison).

    As he doesn't have much friends in school, he's always acting rebellious while beating up towards nerds and children and he has a group of hoodlums Jimbo, Kearney and Dolph that honour and serve Nelson as thier leader.


    He is best known for his catchphrase while making fun of anyone: Haw! Haw!


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