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Layton's Next Apprentice: Nelson Tethers 7

The first release in Telltale Games' pilot program, Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent is a game that catches your eye immediately. The art style is unique and sets it apart from the crowd. Seeing the game's ad splashed across the top of the Steam store homepage, it stands out in amongst the ads for things like Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. A goofy looking man, wearing a winter cap, brandishing a revolver alongside a red gnome, agains...

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Amusing, alarming, strange, perplexing, gnomes. 0

Nelson Tethers is a new IP from Telltale games, a company with a pedigree for developing and reinvigorating adventure game franchises with panache and humor. While Telltale is known as one of the few developers to succeed in producing games episodically, Tethers is a standalone title based upon the unusual comic series Grickle, the brainchild of animator and all around pleasant Canadian Graham Annable.Nelson Tethers is a puzzle game in the vein of the professor Layton series, and features a dyna...

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Eraserhead 0

There is one thing we need to get off the bat right at the beginning of this review. Puzzle Agent isn't like Professor Layton or gives homage to Professor Layton. It is Professor Layton. Everything about the pacing of the game and how the story develops is taken directly from the Professor Layton games. Is this a bad thing? No, not really. But it's something that needs to be said.   Besides the Professor Layton aspects of the game, how is Puzzle Agent? Well it's pretty good. It's flawed, but...

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A Puzzle Not Yet Fully Solved 0

As with all rookies, they can be rough at some spots or lacking the finesse of a seasoned pro. Nelson Tethers : Puzzle Agent is not a bad game by any means, it just needs more time in the works.  Story The folks at Telltale decide to leave the busy streets of New York in Sam & Max, for a more serene, quiet location of Scoggis, Minnesota.Our hero is the head of the F.B.I. Puzzle Research Division, agent Nelson Tethers, who must go on a mission of national interest: reopening the eraser factor...

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Puzzles given a memorable presentation 0

Telltale Games have put a rather interesting spin on how to present something which is, ultimately, nothing more than a collection of unrelated puzzles. The actual gameplay consists in some railroaded movement across an environment and a series of entirely straightforward brain-teasers of a rather gentle standard. For the bits where the user has some input, this is very standard casual gaming fare. But Telltale seem to have gone out to separate their product from the pack, and they have managed ...

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A Class In Suspense 0

I never heard anything about this game. Not a single word, until It was looking back at me from the cold, black background of the Steam store. Intrigued by the artwork, it pulled me into the page where I saw, for the first time, the trailer for it. Fast Forward a minute and a half and I'm playing Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent on my laptop. At first I was unsure what I have gotten myself into, but a couple of hours into the game, and I couldn't stop playing.  Puzzle Agent has you playing the role ...

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Quick, thoughtful, well-constructed puzzle adventure 0

I had first heard about Puzzle Agent on a Giant Bomb's BombCast and was intrigued by it.  I went and downloaded it the next day and couldn't stop playing until I was finished!  The game is just able the perfect length for a puzzle adventure game.  It's not too short where it feels like you didn't get your money's worth, but it's also not too long and drawn out which is pretty easy to do with puzzle adventures.    The game plays well.  The puzzles are thought-provoking and a handful of them are a...

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Your Mission: Open that Eraser Factory 0

Nelson Tether's: Puzzle Agent is another point and click adventure game from developer Telltale Games. This time around, the emphasis is placed on solving puzzles at every turn not unlike the popular Professor Layton series of games. Where Puzzle Agent sets itself apart is its unique art style, excellent characters, and simply being a charming and witty adventure game in an era of big budget juggernauts.The art style in Nelson Tether's has the appearance of being completely hand drawn. The chara...

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A Competent Agent Recruit in the Adventure Genre 0

Note: This review is being mirrored from If you have any suggestions about this review or any of my reviews in the future, be sure to leave a comment either here or on PODiMOUTH.    Taking a break from their traditional faire of Adventure games, Telltale is kicking off their new pilot series with a game that breaks from their norm with new faces, and where the puzzles are straight up…puzzles. If you’re familiar with the likes of Professor Layton and his puzzle solving she...

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An Awesome Deviation From Telltale's Usual Wheelhouse 0

Mirror post from my on-site review.Puzzle Agent, the hybrid puzzle adventure game from Telltale Games, marked a new attempt at something unique from the point-and-click adventure specialists. Borrowing a gameplay style not unlike the Professor Layton series, and featuring the artistic style of Graham Annable, this title from Telltale does some interesting things to the already-unique genre. Billing itself as a lighthearted faux-investigative horror thriller, it seeks to differentiate itself from...

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It’s Like my Charade’s Answer 0

Puzzle Agent has an indie flavor with a professional degree of polish that makes for an enjoyable twist on the standard adventure game.  Players will assume the role of (or guide the actions of, depending on your personal degree of immersion) FBI Special Agent Nelson Tethers.  Agent Tethers works in the bureaucracy’s obscure Puzzle Research Division.  While the title might cause one to think that this Division is home to a legion of agents, engorged with federal resources, all tasked with uncove...

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An Intriguing Pilot Episode 0

My review of Puzzle Agent on PSN as posted on PSNStores June 14, 2011.   What I Liked:-Cast of quirky and bizarre characters.-Sketch book art style and pastel color palette compliments the game’s mood and tone.-Those damn Gnomes creep me out!-Interested in seeing where the series goes from here.What I Disliked:-Navigating the environment can be difficult with either the D-Pad or left analog stick.-HUD elements are hidden when doing a puzzle for n...

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