Neo Drift Out: New Technology

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Mar 28, 1996

    The fourth and final entry of the Drift Out series brings Visco's rally racing series to Neo Geo hardware.

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    Neo Drift Out: New Technology is an isometric rally racing game developed by Visco and released by SNK (Visco in Japan) for arcades (using Neo Geo hardware) on March 28, 1996. It was later released for the Neo Geo CD in Japan on July 26, 1996.

    It is the fourth and final game in the Drift Out series, putting players in control of one of three licensed rally cars (Toyota Celica, Subaru Impreza, or Mitsubishi Lancer) in six courses.


    Neo Drift Out: New Technology challenges the player to complete a rally racing stage within a given amount of time. Each course challenges the player in navigating twisting turns, dodging obstacles and passing other cars from an isometric point of view. The player must finish the course before the allowable time runs out in order to move on, or else the player's game ends.

    Checkpoints / Finish

    All courses feature at least one checkpoint for the player to reach on time in order for them to race the next sections of the race. The player earns extra time if they pass the checkpoint on time for the next section. If they fail to reach the checkpoint on time, the player is unable to race the next sections of the course and their game will end.

    Once the player successfully passes each checkpoint on time, they must reach the finish line before the allowable amount of time given ends. If the player fails to finish on time, they will not advance to the next course and the game will end.

    Alternative Routes

    All courses also feature a number of alternative route the player can choose to take. The game will prompt a blue-colored box showing the split route with the main route highlighted. The alternative route's entry is usually "blocked" by barrels, which the car can easily drive through.


    Neo Drift Out: New Technology offers three officially licensed cars graded in three characteristics: speed, control, and body.

    Toyota Celica: The fastest car out of the three with average control and weak body.

    Subaru Impreza: An all-around car with even statistics on all three characteristics.

    Mitsubishi Lancer: The slowest car in the game, but tops the other two cars in control and body.


    The game has six total stages, each incoming stage increasing in difficulty with more obstacles, challenging turns, and traffic.

    • Stage 1: European
    • Stage 2: African
    • Stage 3: Snow Land
    • Stage 4: Southern Hemisphere
    • Stage 5: Scandinavian
    • Stage 6: Great Britain


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