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    Neo Geo Pocket Color

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    The Neo Geo Pocket Color is a 16 bit color handheld console from SNK.

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    The six colors originally available.
    The six colors originally available.

    The Neo Geo Pocket Color (abbreviated to NGPC) is the second handheld game console released by SNK. SNK created the Neo Geo arcade and home system, as well as the Neo Geo Pocket Color's predecessor: Neo Geo Pocket (of which the Neo Geo Pocket Color was fully backwards compatible). The handheld was released on March 16, 1999 in Japan and on August 6, 1999 in North America. The system was released exclusively on the online retailer eToys in North America for a retail price of $69.95. eToys also had six launch titles. The Neo Geo Pocket Color had six colors available at launch: Camouflage Blue, Carbon Black, Crystal White, Platinum Blue, Platinum Silver, and Stone Blue. The Neo Geo Pocket Color was later released in other major retailers.

    After SNK was bought out by Aruze, they tried to make the console exclusive to the Asian market, by recalling consoles and games (they would be re-sold in Asia). Later in 2003, the back-stock of the North American systems and software began to appear on the market. These consoles came with six games (with no case or manual), including Faselei! and Last Blade (neither of which were released in North America). Overall, the Neo Geo Pocket Color was one of the Game Boy Color's (Nintendo's top handheld at the time) best competitors, selling over two million units, including the original Neo Geo Pocket.

    Technical Specifications

    • CPU: Toshiba TLCS900H (16-bit), 6.144 MHz, Z80 at 3.072 MHz (sound)
    • RAM: 12k for 900H, 4k for Z80
    • ROM: 64k boot ROM
    • Interface: SIO 1 channel 19200bit/s, 5-pin serial port
    • Resolution: 160x152 pixels (256x256 virtual screen)
    • DMA: Four channels
    • Colors: 16 palettes per plane, 48 palettes in all, 146 colors onscreen at once out of a possible 4096 colors
    • Sprites: 64 sprites per frame (8x8), four colors for each sprite
    • Scrolling: 2 scrolling planes, 8x8 character tiles, 4 colors per tile
    • Sound: 2 SN76489 (3 square wave tone generators, 1 independent noise generator, and direct access to two 6 bit DAC)
    • Cartridges: 4MB max (32 Mbit), 4 to 16 Mbit of flash memory
    • Batteries: 2 AA batteries for 40 hours of gameplay, backup Lithium CR2032 battery for memory and clock


    The Neo Geo Pocket Color link cable.
    The Neo Geo Pocket Color link cable.

    A link cable was released which could connect a Neo Geo Pocket Color system to another NGPC or to a Sega Dreamcast. Certain NGPC games could link with Dreamcast games, which allowed players to transfer gameplay stats or even unlock new modes across platforms. The supported games were:

    A wireless connector was released in Japan to allow players within a short range to play together. An MP3 playing add-on was announced but never released, owing to SNK's purchase.


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