NeoGeo X preorders are now a go...coming December 6th!

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I was looking through the Amazon Top 100 in Video Games list today, and the Neogeo X is currently at #97! I'm normally not one for preordering things, but something tells me these are going to be pretty difficult to come wouldn't surprise me if limited numbers are made, and it really wouldn't surprise me if sales are low (maybe too low to warrant additional production runs...who knows.) With this being released just weeks before Christmas, if you want one, it may be a good idea to preorder from somewhere legit. I just put my order in on Amazon. The Official NEOGEO X website lists Target, Wal-Mart, GameStop, and Toys R Us as retailers in addition to Amazon. Update as of 11/19: All site currently show out of stock or unavailable.

The Neogeo X Gold Limited Edition is $199.99. It comes with the Neogeo X Station, the handheld, an Arcade Stick, and the Ninja Masters Neogeo X game...(that's the limited part I guess.)

I still can't believe that this thing is actually coming out, but I'm pretty excited about it. Anyone else preordered theirs already or plan on it? It's coming out in a month! I know there are a lot of things to buy this holiday season between all of the big games coming out, not to mention the Wii U, but I think this is going to be my big video game purchase this year.

And for those that haven't seen it, here is the list of games included on the handheld:

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Will this thing only run legacy games? I still don't really get what it is.

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@xyzygy: It comes with 20 games built in to flash memory on the device, and there are plans to release additional games on memory cards sort of like the Vita.

They haven't really talked about what these games will be, whether they are going to be old school AES games put onto memory cards and sold, or if they will be newly developed games specifically for this handheld. I'm guessing it will be the former.

I'm also counting on there being an active homebrew community and all of the fun that will entail :)

I'm probably more excited about this than most people because I absolutely loved playing Neo Geo games in the arcades as a teenager, and I always wanted an AES console but couldn't afford one at the time. The list of games being packed in with the handheld include some of my all time favorite arcade's the list (edited list into first post)

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@xyzygy said:

Will this thing only run legacy games? I still don't really get what it is.

I found this on, the official site of this thing, in the FAQ section:

"...The plan is to release other games that will be exclusive to the NEOGEO X format."

If that is the case...I don't expect very many games to be released for this thing at all. Hopefully they can get more original Neo Geo titles licensed for release on the handheld. Either way, I'm definitely still buying one.

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@MB: I'm interested to see if any indie or homebrew projects find their way onto this this.

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I'm determined to get my hands on one of these. It looks like a great piece of hardware, and it's loaded with some fantastic games. Best of all, with an extra joystick, you can play local multiplayer. Samurai Showdown II, with a joystick, in your living room. The video game gods do love us.

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I was just looking over my upcoming Amazon orders and subscriptions, and I went to the NEOGEO X page on Amazon. What I discovered was surprising. Amazon appears to have sold out of their initial allotment of the X, or for some other unknown reason has stopped offering preorders. It's going for around $500 now from Amazon Marketplace sellers. Check it out:

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I went to my Amazon orders page and thankfully it still indicates that I purchased the NEOGEO X from Amazon at a price of $199. I said this in another thread, but I still feel like availability of this thing is going to be quite limited, and it really wouldn't surprise me if there was only ever a single initial production run of this thing and then that was it (for whatever goes out of business, they decide it isn't a financially viable decision to produce more, it doesn't sell, whatever).

I'm so glad I preordered this immediately when it became available. What are your plans for getting your hands on a NEOGEO X?

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@BoG: Did you ever preorder one? You still may have some luck at GameStop...and the official Neo Geo X website lists Wal-Mart, Target, and Toys R Us as retailers for the device, so they are possibilities as well.

update: Here's a hands-on article from Engadget that came out last month, I just saw it. Looks amazing! The important points are all there...give it a read.

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How exciting, this is well worth a buy.

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It would have been cool if this were some sort of open source thing so I could buy yet another portable electronic device to play Doom and GBA games on.

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No Windjammers? I'm out.

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Will they re-release more games? If not that's a bummer.

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When I saw that handheld I got flashbacks to the Game Gear. That probably doesn't bode well for this device.

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I was actually super excited for this until I dusted off the old PS2 and grabbed a copy of SNK Arcade Clasics Vol. 1 off ebay.

Even the lure of Cyber Lip and Mutation Nation can't make up for the fact that these games just don't play as well as I remember them.

Sometimes dead is better.

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Did anybody receive this yet? Id love to see the guys do a quick look!

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