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Adding loot and random levels to a top down shooter doesn't make it better than the rest

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Neo Chrome is set in a cyber world where a overseer controls everything. One hacker decides to fight back and take over one of the people under the overseer’s control and scale the tower to take him down.. This setup is just a reason for a bunch of enemies to stand in your way since other than a few minor moments that show you how much a jerk the antagonist is. But I doubt anyone is booting up a top down shooter to check out a compelling story.

Like any good cyber future it's also got some good names.
Like any good cyber future it's also got some good names.

Starting off the player must choose one of 3 random characters that have bonuses like extra health while also having a negative like less damage. Each one has a different weapon and special attack. All the guns are the usual selections like a assault rifle or shotgun. While occasionally seeing a unique drop like a blowtorch that could be useful. The selection of special skills consists of grenades, a drone or missiles that use an energy bar that gets refiled by killing enemies. With the entire game taking place in a tower the level design doesn’t have much to work with but the combat within those confines is the main event.

Running around each level comes down to shooting anything that even slightly stands in the way to the next elevator. Which mainly consists of using the weapon well like getting up close with the shotgun or constantly running away while using a sniper rifle. Most of the enemy roster consists of standard soldiers with different types like having a shield or a rocket launcher. Along with the cyber soldiers drone like robots will also stand in your way. Plus all the bosses are some kind of robot that shoots a ton of bullets at the player. The boss design is rather basic consisting of a bunch of car sized robots with guns. They do mix it up with a the ever required helicopter boss but it doesn’t give me much of a reason to keep replaying this game after finishing it once. Which isn’t good since this is also meant to be replayed.

Most of the loot becomes focused on a higher number with minor visual differences.
Most of the loot becomes focused on a higher number with minor visual differences.

Similar to Rogue Legacy a bunch of enemies drop money that can then be used to upgrade the usual stats. From the 5 times it took me to beat the first Overseer I didn’t notice a huge difference in how I started with nothing up to level 20/100 in most stats. Along the way ability skills can be earned by finding a upgrade capsule in one of the 25 levels. In general most are just a damage upgrade but some can add different effects. Like being able to automatically zap anyone that gets close. All of it is random but it doesn’t feel like it has too many options. Going by the fact I saw the same upgrades every time I started a playthrough.

In the end I just think this is a okay top down shooter. The futuristic cyberpunk style gives the game a look without any flair. Shooting my way through all the floors was fun and was the reason I kept trying to beat it. Once I did beat it I don’t feel like it gave me much of a reason to keep playing. No real incentive other than hey look it’s harder now. Which is fine but not really a big incentive for me. If you looking for a top down shooter to play this one is fine but it’s not a high recommendation.

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