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    Neopets: The Darkest Faerie

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Nov 16, 2005

    The Darkest Faerie has returned to take over Meridell and Brightvale in this RPG/Platformer Neopets Game

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    Neopets, the popular online virtual pet community, moved it's way to the video game market on November 15th, 2005.


    The plot is based around the return of The Darkest Faerie, a villain in the land of Neopia. She has returned to take over Neopia. However, a young hero and a young heroine have decided to fight back. Without spoiling the plot completely, the hero and heroine embark on a journey through Meridell and Brightvale and the surrrounding to fight of the Darkest Faerie's minions and creatures.

    Main Characters

    Tormund Ellis

    Tormund Ellis, or Tor, is a young Lupe in the kingdome of Meridell. All his life he has wanted to be a knight and he gets his chance when The Darkest Faerie invades his home land.


    Roberta, the niece of the king of Brightvale, King Hagan, is a young sorceress in training.


    The game has your standard platform, role play game, and action qualities that you would expect.

    After some introductorty levels for both Tor and Roberta you can switch freely between them. Tor is your standard Knight, with his sword and shield being upgradeable throughout the game. He has your standard attack and defense moves. You can also use Motes, items that you can find throughout the game, to upgrade his sword and shield. You can upgrade it for different elements like fire or ice. The same holds true with Roberta. She is your standard sorceress, using magic as her main weapon. You can also upgrade her magic with the same method (motes).

    You can also use Petpets for different things. If you find one, and feed it, they will follow you around helping you out with different abilities and such.

    Additional Notes

    This game is a all around, ok game. It has it's issues and some objectives can be a tad hard to complete. It's graphics are surprisingly good for a PS2 Neopets game. If you are a fan of Neopets, and would like to explore the land a little, this is the game for you.


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