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    Neriak is an underground city built by the dark elves of northeastern Antonica. It is the starting city for all dark elves in EverQuest.

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    Neriak is the city of the dark elves who are a creation of the Prince of Hate, Innoruuk. Feeling slighted by being excluded from the original pact that the gods agreed upon after first discovering Norrath, Innoruuk chose to corrupt Tunare's greatest creation, the elves. He abducted their king and queen, whisking them away to his realm, known as the Plane of Hate. For countless years, he tortured them mentally and physically until he had warped their minds to be intense with spite and hatred for all good things in the world. He then sent his creations back into the world of Norrath where they established a glorious underground city beneath the Lavastorm Mountains. While the dark elves retained much of the natural beauty, they were immediately distinguishable from normal elves due to their indigo colored skin and stark white hair.

    Overview (EverQuest)

    Foreign Quarter
    Foreign Quarter

    Neriak Foreign Quarter is the first area reached upon entering the extensive underground city of the dark elves. Ogres, trolls, and anyone else who has won the favor of the Teir'Dal are allowed to enter, shop, and sell their wares. Much of the architecture here resembles that of Freeport as more than a few human Innoruuk followers have set up shop here. The ogres and trolls have their own specific area near the back of the Foreign Quarter, which is obvious to any visitor not just because of the smell, but due to the poorly written signs advertising their shops and guildmasters. Not far from the makeshift ogre and troll village is an arena that has been erected to settle disputes, as the larger citizens often don't settle squabbles with a debate or trial. Compared to the rest of the city, the Foreign Quarter is a bit of slum. But it is also the busiest part of the city since visitors aren't often allowed into the Commons, and all the dark elves coming and going to and from the city must pass through here.

    Warriors Guild
    Warriors Guild

    Neriak Commons is the second gate of the Teir'Dal city. As it is deeper underground, absolutely no natural light penetrates this part of the city, but that doesn't bother a dark elf. The majority of the shops and taverns of the city are located in the Common quarter. The most famous tavern is easily The Maiden's Fancy, as it features entertainment downstairs that attracts many male citizens. Unlike the Foreign Quarter, the architecture here is more of a Teir'Dal original design featuring several sculptures and fountains. To the rear of the quarter, a house of marble serves as the stronghold of the Indigo Brotherhood as they train Neriak's young warriors in a blood-soaked arena. Next door is the guildhouse of The Spurned, the city's population of wizard, enchanter, and magician trainers. This region of the city is also where the bank is located.

    The Lodge of the Dead
    The Lodge of the Dead

    Neriak Third Gate can be a deadly place even for a dark elf, but certainly for anyone who is not of their lineage. The Third Gate is considered sacred for several reasons. The first building found in this part of the city is the temple known as the Spires of Innoruuk, where many come to worship the Prince of Hate and also where some of the greatest clerics on Norrath are trained. A massive building on the north side of town known as The Lodge of the Dead holds the deepest secrets of the dark arts, where necromancers and shadow knights learn new skills and spells. The dark arts are considered above the schools of enchanting, wizardry, and magic by the elite of Neriak. The necromancers and shadow knights are highly respected, but greatly feared. The third guild house in the Third Gate is the rogue guild. The rogues of Neriak are not respected at all and are kept in the lowest reaches of the city simply so the highly respected guilds can keep an eye on them. Also found nearby is a library holding the history and secrets of Innoruuk's children.

    Neighboring Zones

    Staring City


    Dark Elves
    Dark Elves
    • Dark Bargainers
    • The Dead
    • Dreadguard Inner
    • Dreadguard Outer
    • Hall of the Ebon Mask
    • Indigo Brotherhood
    • King Naythox Thex
    • Priests of Innoruuk
    • Queen Cristanos Thex
    • The Spurned

    Guild Halls

    Guild Hall NameClassesGuildmasterChurch
    The Cauldron of HateWarriorsSeloxia Punox
    Foreign Guild HallBeastlords, Shadow Knights, Shaman, Warriors
    Hall of the Ebon MaskRoguesEolorn J`Axx
    The Lodge of the DeadNecromancers, Shadow KnightsNezzka Tolax (SK)
    Xon Quexill (NEC)
    The Spires of InnoruukClericsPerrir ZexusInnoruuk
    Tower of the SpurnedEnchanters, Magicians, WizardsCamia V`Retta (ENC)
    Gath N`Mare (WIZ)
    Jayna D`Bious (MAG)

    Commerce & Crafting

    Shop NameGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    Adamant Armor (C)Plate ArmorSmithingForge
    The Bauble (TG)Jewelry
    Bites n' Pieces (FQ)Food, Water, General SuppliesOven
    The Bleek Fletcher (C)Fletching
    The Blind Fish (C)AlcoholPottery, SmithingBrew Barrel
    The Bounty of the Earth (C)Alcohol, Potions
    The Burnished Coin (C)Bank
    Cobbler Farlain's (FQ)Bags, BootsPottery Wheel, Kiln
    Cuisine Excelsior (TG)AlcoholBakingOven
    The Dashing Form (C)Cloth ArmorTailoring
    Drana's Bread & Butcher (FQ)FoodBakingOven
    The Forge of the Blue Film (C)Chain Armor, Weapons
    Furrier Royale (TG)Leather ArmorTailoring
    Gambel's Greens (FQ)PotionsAlchemy
    Hard Shell (FQ)Bank, Chain ArmorForge
    The House of D'Abth (C)Food, Water, General Supplies
    The Library of K'Lorn (TG)Rare Spells
    The Maiden's Fancy (C)Alcohol, Strip Club
    Pig Sticker's (FQ)Weapons
    The Rack (TG)Alcohol
    The Refined Palate (C)Food, Water, AlcoholOven
    Shinie Tings (FQ)GemsJewelry
    The Silk Underground (FQ)Cloth ArmorTailoringLoom
    Slug's Tavern (FQ)Food, Alcohol, General SuppliesBrew Barrel
    The Smuggler's Inn (FQ)Food, Water, General Supplies, AlcoholBrewing
    The Teir'Dal Forge (TG)SmithingTeir'Dal Forge
    Toadstool's (C)AlcoholSmithing, Fishing
    Ungia & PutadSmithing


    Notable NPCs

    Verina Tomb
    Verina Tomb

    Notable Items

    Overview (EverQuest II)

    Neriak Entrance
    Neriak Entrance

    Being built underground and beneath the sturdy granite of the Lavastorm Mountains, Neriak mostly survived the Shattering. It was not long before the city's people dug their way out and back into Nektulos Forest. Queen Cristanos still ruled the dark city and welcomed any adventurers of the evil persuasion. Taking a page from her father, Innoruuk, she had taken it upon herself to corrupt one of Tunare's creations, the fae. Calling them the arasai, these spiteful faeries helped spread the word of the Prince of Hate during the Age of Destiny.

    Neighboring Zones

    • Darklight Wood

    Starting City


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