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    NES Advantage

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    An arcade style stick released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987.

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    The NES Advantage is an optional, arcade-style controller for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The typical gamepad is replaced with a ball-shaped joystick, the buttons are larger, and there is a turbo feature. Turbo for each gameplay button is individually set with analogue dials, and enabled/disabled with a button. Additionally, the joystick can be plugged into both controller ports simultaneously, allowing two players to swap the joystick for alternating gameplay. A selector switch determines which port is being used; players much actuate the switch each time the controller changes hands. Finally, a slow-motion feature rapidly sends "start button" signals to the console, which will pause and un-pause a game rapidly in many games, resulting in a slow-motion effect. This feature has limited usefulness, as characters are not controllable while paused. The resulting effect can be jerky and cumbersome.

    The NES Advantage famously made an appearance in the movie Ghostbusters II, where a modified version was used to control the Statue of Liberty.


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