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    NES Remix Pack

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Apr 24, 2014

    The first two NES Remix games are presented on a limited edition physical disc release.

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    NES Remix Pack is a compilation of NES Remix and NES Remix 2 onto one retail disc. It was only released in Japan and North America in April 2014. In the latter region, it received a re-release as part of the Nintendo Selects line in March 2016.

    It does not contain any additional extras over the digital versions of the separate games.


    The games represented and remixed in NES Remix include the following:

    The games represented in NES Remix 2 are:

    Super Luigi Bros.

    NES Remix 2 contains a full modification of the original Super Mario Bros. entitled Super Luigi Bros. The stages in Super Luigi Bros. are the same as those in Super Mario Bros. but mirrored, forcing the player to move from right to left. Additionally, the player controls Luigi, and the game implements Luigi's jump that allows for a greater maximum height.

    Championship Mode

    Championship Mode is a special challenge mode themed after the competitive challenge NES games Nintendo World Championships 1990 and Nintendo Campus Challenge. Championship Mode challenges the player to complete three trials, each based on an individual game, in a limited amount of time. The challenges are:

    • Super Mario Bros.: Collect 50 coins
    • Super Mario Bros. 3: Collect 25 coins
    • Dr. Mario: Earn as high a score as possible in the time remaining.

    The challenges are scored are based on how quickly the player accomplishes each goal and the individual scores are added together. The final score can be posted to online leaderboards.


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