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The tunnels are protected...mostly.
The tunnels are protected...mostly.

Netherbian Lair was the first expansion that the Combine Empire in an effort to escape from the core of the moon. Today, it is mainly one large corridor supported with elaborate columns and arches. The ground is still rubble, but it is kept safe by Inquisition guards from Sanctus Seru as well as Shadow Haven officers. Taking the main corridor south will lead adventurers to Dawnshroud Peaks while turning down the western hall will result in emerging from below into Marus Seru's scorching sands. But the region gets its name due to the alien creatures that lived here long before the arrival of Norrathians. Many have survived, but not nearly at the same levels as when the Combine Empire first arrived. They hide in cave systems off the beat path and generally leave travelers alone unless they are intruded upon. Some tunnels closer to Dawnshroud Peaks are inhabited by Galorians of the most primitive variety known as troglodytes. There is also a substantial population of fungoids who can be exceptionally dangerous for young travelers. For the most part, the Netherbian Lair is a highway for adventurers traveling from Shadow Haven and The Nexus to the rest of Luclin.

Neighboring Zones


  • Hand Legionnaries
  • Hand of Seru
  • Haven Defenders
  • House Fordel
  • Seru


Notable NPCs

  • The Swarm Leader
  • The Trog King

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