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    Game » consists of 12 releases. Released Nov 17, 1989

    The TurboGrafx-16's answer to The Legend of Zelda. It was among the exclusive titles Hudson would make for the Turbografx-16, along with its sequel.

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    Neutopia (Neutopia: Frey no Shou in Japan) is an Action-Adventure game released for the TurboGrafx-16\PC Engine, and was developed by Hudson Soft. Known as being a Zelda clone, set in the Fantasy world, the player takes control over Jazeta, the protagonist of the game, who is out to save Princess Aurora from an evil wizard Dirth, by finding the eight medallions.

    It was later re-released on the Wii's Virtual Console on May 1, 2007 in Japan, August 20, 2007 in North America, and August 24, 2007 in Europe. During CES 2011 it was announced that the title would have a release on the PlayStation Network in February 2011.


    The evil king demon Dirth shoots down from the sky, and kidnaps Princess Aurora. A young boy is then called upon by an old lady who goes by 'Mother', and tells the young boy named Jazeta all of what has happened. The Mother then tells Jazeta that the evil wizard Dirth was once sealed by the eight Medallions once collected together, and if Jazeta was to find the eight medallions, Jazeta could then seal Dirth and save Aurora. Jazeta accepts, then starts out on a huge adventure, where he must explore the entire world, travel through diverse lands and battle through tough and treacherous labyrinths full of evil creatures. Jazeta acquires many skills, as well as items throughout this vast land, and see the world in front of his own eyes, and face all fears to become a true man and a true hero. And once he has saved the princess, peace will then be restored to Earth using the power of the eight Medallions.


    Neutopia is played from a flip-screen overhead view (similar to The Legend of Zelda), and is an action-adventure based game. Jazeta wanders around an overworld, exploring caves to find NPCs, shops or different areas of the map. He starts the game with a sword, and can find and use additional items throughout the game, and as well, acquire keys items that will help him advance in his journey. During the game, as Jazeta moves through different areas, and battle enemies in each area, and collect health or magic when killed.

    Throughout the game there will be labyrinths that Jazeta has to go through to progress further into the game, while entrances to labyrinths are visible, they later become hidden. Each labyrinth has obstacles that can be overcome with key items, which often need to be found on the overworld first or somewhere else in the dungeon, and each item does something different and unique, such as the bow, bombs, and a boomerang to hit or kill certain enemies and objects throughout the game. Jazeta's health is represented in a bar, similar to The Legend of Zelda's hearts. Enemies in each area or dungeon are different and unique, requiring Jazeta to sometimes use one of his other items to defeat enemies instead of his sword. Bosses are very similar to the Zelda series bosses, requiring puzzle techniques to beat, usually involving the item found in that boss's dungeon.

    Jazeta will collect items through treasure chests, and it usually involves some sort of puzzle to get to them. He can also go to shops and purchase either, weapons, shield, and even some type of magic, like health potions. Items can be bought by using coins found by destroying objects, rocks, and enemies.

    In Neutopia, there is a total of five overworld areas and twelve Labyrinths. Jazeta talks to townspeople throughout his adventure to collect information and clues on where he will have to go next. After every couple medallions, he will then unlock hidden stairs to the next overworld in the main hub, where he will be revisiting a lot to continue in his quest.


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