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    Never Ending Games is a self-explanatory concept in which a game is unbeatable and never ends, due either to the game having no true ending or because the game is not saved (or truly continued) after the last section of the game.

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    Simply stated, some games are seemingly unbeatable.

    Traits of an Unbeatable Game

    Games that are unbeatable usually tend to carry one of these traits:

    • They are a MMOG, in which the player can reach the highest level of the game,(in game terms, this may mean "beating" the game) but is not technically completing it, as there is no end.
    • There is an ending to the game, but the game does not save after you've viewed/accomplished it, leaving you in a dimension of un-completion, as there is no way of continuing the storyline and/or gameplay experience without having that last objective still uncompleted.
    • There is an ending to the storyline of the game, but the gameplay never ends.

    Examples of video games that follow these traits are World of Warcraft, Saints Row, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

    Traits of a Beatable Game

    Games that are beatable have one of the following traits:

    • Presents to the player a Game Over screen after the game has been defeated.
    • The game works on a system of levels, in which levels can be selected to play, and the gameplay ends after the level is completed.
    • The gameplay ends after the storyline is complete.

    Examples of video games that follow these traits are Super Mario Bros., Halo 3, and Devil May Cry.


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