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    In this brutal action game from the creators of Alien vs. Predator, players become Bryce Boltsman, a demon hunter cursed with immortality five hundred years ago, who can survive being violently dismembered by his enemies as long as his head isn't swallowed whole.

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    Produced by Shinta Nojiri and published by Konami, NeverDead is a third-person action game developed by Rebellion. Inspired by the combat style of Devil May Cry, but with a twist. Bryce Blotzman, the main character, is immortal due to a curse he has been afflicted with for 500 years. The game features a full dismemberment mechanic.

    Announced at Konami’s E3 2010 press conference, NeverDead was released for Xbox 360 and PS3 on January 31, 2012.



    Players can switch between dual-wielding pistols or using the Butterfly Blade for melee combat. In addition to the usual variety of combat, the player can tear off and throw Bryce's limbs or head to solve environmental puzzles. Additionally, taking damage from enemies or explosions can cause Bryce to lose limbs. Limbs can be reattached or regenerated. Bryce is unable to die, but the game will end in a Game Over screen if Bryce's head is eaten or swallowed whole. Before the Game Over screen players are given a last chance to survive via a simple mini game.

    Another ability that Bryce’s immortality grants him is to “absorb” elemental effects, such as fire and lightning, and pass them on to his attacks to increase damage done to enemies.

    The melee combat works similar to that of Dead Island. With sword draw, holding the Left Trigger or L2 allows the player to slash horizontally and vertically with the right stick.

    Monsters spawn from spawn points that must be destroyed, or they will endlessly bring forth more foes.

    Arcadia can go into a down state when she takes too much damage, at which point the player must revive her.

    Boss Fights

    The dismemberment mechanic can also apply to enemies. Often the game will highlight specific weak points on bosses and mini-bosses as targets for the player to focus on. Also some bosses require Bryce to throw limbs at them to expose weak points.

    Character Leveling

    Players earn XP to spend on skill upgrades. Skills can be equipped. The number of skills that can be equipped is based on set limit of slots, with each ability having various slot point values. The number of maximum slots can be increased as players progress through the game.


    Bryce challenges Astaroth, The King of Demons to a fight to the death only to lose the battle and his wife in the process. After killing Bryce’s wife the King of Demons curses Bryce with immortality. Five hundred years after his fateful battle with Astaroth, Bryce works as a mercenary for the organization NADA. Preferring to spend his cursed days drinking his sorrows away, he now only fights to pay for his drinking habit.


    • Bryce Boltzman: Voiced by David Lodge, Bryce was once a demon hunter that fought for only the sake of justice. Now he has turned to a gun-for-hire after his wife was murdered and he was made immortal by a demon's curse 500 years prior to the game's setting. He is currently employed by an agency known as NADA.
    • Arcadia Maximille: Arcadia was an investigator that joined NADA as a demon hunter handler. She is currently in charge of looking after Bryce. She also fights demons along Bryce, but treats him with disdain due to his bad behavior and attitude.
    • Sullivan: The chief of Nada, Sullivan is seen as a mild-mannered and trust worthy man. He provides intelligence to the agents in the field while tending to his geranium in his office.
    • Alex: Another demon hunter who serves as a rival to Bryce and a solo act with questionable methods that often lead to him killing his own partners. There are rumors that he may be another immortal.
    • Nikki Summerfield: A gifted pop star and fashion idol of American and Indian decent, who is targeted by demons for some clandestine reason.
    • Cypher Boltzman: Bryce's wife and former demon hunting partner that died 500 before the time period in which the game takes place at the hands of the demon king, Astaroth. She was a medium that could cast powerful spells to assist in killing demons.
    • Sangria: The self-proclaimed Duke of Demons that serves Astaroth. Sangria is an eccentric demon that had his right index finger severed after being defeated by Bryce.
    • Astaroth: King of the Demons who commands his army from within his stronghold, Demon's Nest.

    E3 2011

    During Konami's press conference, a new trailer for NeverDead was revealed, showcasing some of the backstory for the game.

    500 years ago, main character Bryce and his partner Cypher, demon hunters, work together to take down a demon. After witnessing his partner's demise before his very eyes and ultimately failing to kill the demon, the demon curses Bryce with immortality, leaving the man filled with remorse and self-hatred. The game takes place in the present, with Bryce continuing to slay demons with melee weapons and guns, and also tearing off his own body parts to kill demons only to either reattach them or grow them back.


    American heavy metal band Megadeth provided an exclusive song for the trailer revealed during E3 2011 called NeverDead. This song was later released on their thirteenth album, appropriately titled Th1rt3en. Dave Mustaine often writes songs that share titles with games, such as "Gears of War", "Vortex", and "Duke Nukem Theme".


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